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UWIC Primary PGCE - Entrance Exams

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cally1980, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    I wouldn't get worked up about it. The tests for my PGCE entry were easy, as were the skills tests.
  2. Thanks :).

    I've talked to a Maths teacher and she's assured me the questions 'shouldn't' be harder than they are on the TDA website, they could be putting up a 'tough front' for the exams.
    Sure hope so!
  3. Anyone interested in doing the maths test itself, check it out here - http://www.tda.gov.uk/trainee-teacher/qts-skills-tests/numeracy/practice-materials.aspx
  4. I had an interview at UWIC for primary pgce last year. TBH the tests were the easiest/least scary bit of the day. I think they look more at your interview and presentation, so I would suggest you spend more time preparing for them. Think the maths exam was 1/2 hour and english was 1 hour. There wasn't a science one last year...don't know if that's changed?
  5. Hey! I have also applied for a primary PGCE at UWIC! I haven't heard back yet though but only sent my application last Tuesday! I was wondering how long they took to let you know? I'm so nervous! I tried some of the practice exams on that link above and I am struggling with Maths. Hope all goes well.
  6. Hay Alice!

    I got mine send off around about 3 weeks ago & had my confirmation last wednesday.

    Still nervous here, I'm making progress with maths though so hopefully I'll be ready when once I sit the test *fingers crossed*.

    Keep me informed!
  7. Just did my first timed Maths test on the TDA site. Got dead on a pass mark.

    Cutting close I know but it's showing improvement & i'm certainly happy for that.
  8. Hi :D I also have the test day on the 16th November. Eek, a week today! Are yours at 3pm as well?
    I totally agree with what you have said. The english and science seem fine with the revision, but the maths seems a completely different matter. i have worked through the tda tests and sometimes I'm doing great, but other times are not good...I feel like it's going to be amatter of what the questions are on the day as to whether I pass or not, as these tests seem completely hit and miss. Like you, it is my mental maths in a short space of time that is causing the problem...With a decent amount of time it would be fine. But that time limit *screams*. My biggest weakness are percentages/fractions/decimals in a time limit.
    I'm hoping, like your tutor said that the actual test definitely won't be harder and that they will hopefully be easier!
    I'm also wondering about the test for the masters part of the course. An hour is quite a long time for 300 words, so I'm wondering if the article will be mega long lol, or if it's incredibly challenging :/ We shall see!
    I just so want to pass. I have been working towards primary pgce for years and I so want to get through these tests to the interview stage. I wonder if the pass mark is the 60% that is a pass for the QTS tests (or hopefully lower!).I also wonder how long they will take to get back to us, and if we pass when the interviews will be. I'm so full of questions lol.
  9. Also, how are you dressing? Are you dressing interview smart, or slightly more casual? Or just casual?
  10. Hay! Don't worry about being full of questions :)

    Totally agree with you with questions on the day. My biggest issue now are the questions that ask something like 'a group of teachers drive to an ICT class 6 times, half the distance is 17.5 miles, a litre costs 88p. How much did the journey cost?'. It just seem ridiculous to work out in the time allowed.

    With working out percentages remember that you need to multiply the number your given by 100 then divide by the total number. for example, I think one of the mock questions is 22 pupils in a class of 25 gain over level 4, what percentage is this?' - So, it would be 22 x 100 = 2200, 2200 divided by 25 = 88, 88%.

    With decimals I'm using the exact same method. for example, using the question above - I've work out that 22 is 88% of 25 therefore that would be 0.88 (if rounded to the nearest 1 dp that would be 0.9).

    The trick with the factions in the mocks is working out what 1/4 (or 25%) is. One of the mock questions is something like '100 pupils take a test, 87.5% pass, what fraction didn't pass?'. The number that didn't pass is 12.5%, We know that 1/4 (or 25%) of 100 is 25, half of 25 is 12.5. If 25 is 1/4 then 12.5 must be 1/8. Easy! :p

    I haven't even looked at the Master test yet, I didn't think thats given to you until/if we get to the 2nd interview, am i wrong?

    Yes the pass mark is 60% which is 17/28 (12 questions for arithmetic, 16 for normal test).

    Dress wise I'm going to dress smart, black trousers and all that jazz. First impressions and all that (don't want to test my luck!).
  11. After a quick look back on the UWIC website I think your right about the master level test. It will be on the day.

    I'm guessing the hours time is to make sure you have enough time to read the article provided, but I'd happily swap 15 minutes from that hour to put in the mental arithmetic section.
  12. Mm, I know all the methods for things, even fractions and percentages etc but I just haven't got the time for my brain to process it all :( I'm trying my best but speed is not my forte on maths...
    Mm, I don't think we can do anything really to prepare for the masters test. Maybe check a few current issues but that's about it I'm thinking? And yes, what I would give to add that 15 minutes to the mental maths section instead!!
    I thought it would probab;y be the same as the QTS tests, so that's something. i'm hoping I can make up for my poor maths in the mental maths (though I did get 11/12 yesterday!) on the normal maths section. he lowest i have had on that was 11 due to a couple of things I hadn't seen before, but now know how to do, I think!
    I'm going smart as well, black troseurs, smart top. Like you, I'm thinknig first impressions count for a lot!
    I so hope we get through. I was looking over UWIC posts from previous years last night and they have filled me with a sense of hopelessness, though I will not give up and will give everything my all. Some have said they were told there were 5000 aplicants for just over a 100 places. I do not like my odds lollol. We shall see! Fingers crossed!
  13. Keep practicing! I'm deffo tons better since practicing hard every single day for the last week :p.

    I went to a teaching seminar in the Uni of Glamorgan in Jan & the lady running the seminar told me their where 1000 applicants for the course for this year. Cant remember how many places there were but it was under a 100.
    I think this whole set of tests are designed to find 'the best' teachers and whittle down applicants a bit.
  14. Hey Everyone!

    I also have my entry exams at UWIC on Wednesday at 3pm. Im not very confident even though studying all the time as I can. Trouble is I work full time and in Uni doing a Masters so stressing about the PGCE as well now is tipping me over the edge lol Good luck all I cant wait for Wednesday to be over!
  15. Yes, I think there will probab;y be quite a few of us as well.
    I stupidly left my letter at my Uni accommodation today when I travelled back home to Wales...It is the Cyncoed Campus we are supposed to be at tomorrow? It says that as well on the website, as I just checked, so I'm guessing so! I am usually much more organised than this!
  16. So am i right in thinking that its just the 3 exams today and no group presentations/interviews??

    I cant do the maths ones! so hard in the time that they give you.

    good luck all, try and reply before 3pm today. i want to know if i should be nervous about just the exams or everything.
  17. Today there are 3 exams with 4 parts. Lit exam comprising of the literacy test & the master assessment test, the numeracy exam & then the science exam (for us primary applicants).

    There won't be any presentations or interviews today. It states on my letter that these exams have to be passed first before moving onto the next interview stage.

    Even I'm getting butterflies, don't worry! Everyones in the same boat :).
  18. oh thanks :) that makes me feel a lot better. its just the maths one i need to worry about now then. Good luck :)
  19. Hay,

    There wasn't any timed mental maths luckily. However, you will find content in the numeracy paper is very similar to the test on the TDA website (the same for the first part of the Lit test) so it's worth practicing everything on there.

    The Science test was a test of generic knowledge from around the curriculum, as such it's pretty hard to revise. A few things came up from the sheet they supply a link too on their website but not much.

    As for the 'Masters Assessment' section of the Lit test - If you have done/are doing a dissertation you should be fine. It's an assessment of your academic skills & how you can articulate them.

    Set up & timing wise, ours went - Numeracy test, Science test, break (5 mins), Literacy test.
    In the Literacy test we we're given both the standard lit test & the masters assessment at the same time. We then had an hour & a half to do both.
  20. Anyones heart skip a beat when you received that 'your application is being considered' email earlier?

    Wonder why they're giving us 'VIP' area's on the website before telling us if we're in or not.

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