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Uwic Primary pgce 2012 - offers

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Hannah195, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Congratulations!!! When was your interview? I had mine last week so still waiting to find out! :-/ Was this your first time trying? x

  2. Thank you :) My interview was on the 19th December, so 3 and a half weeks I waited for. Yes this was my first time applying for a pgce and uwic was my first choice :) I;m currently finishing my last year at Uni. Good luck I hope you have good news!
  3. Hi Ruth! I'm Beth :) I have requested to join the Facebook group. I'm going to be doing KS2 too!! I have applied through the medium of Welsh but suspect we'll be in most of the same lectures. Congrats to you once again! UWIC was my first choice too and this year was my first year of applying. I'm in my final year of my degree at Cardiff Uni. xx
  4. Hey guys!
    I only had my interview on the 4th Jan but found out over the weekend that I have been offered a place on Key Stage 2 Primary as well! i've requested to join the facebook group... SO happy atm! Congratulations everyone else who has got a place too :) xx
  5. It's nice to have some peopl doing ks2 as well :D I am very excited!!

    It was my first choice as well, and like you, my first year of applying, so I really was not hopeful at all!! I;m at Bristol Uni :) I'm quite looking forward to starting somewhere new in September! I need a change of atmosphere! I imagine we will be in most of the same lectures as well, but I imagine youll get some slightyl different ones and probably Welsh speaking placement schools :)

  6. Congratulatons!! I just accepted you into the group :) I can't believe we have a mutual friend!! Such a small world! I'm still ecstatic lol.
  7. Hi guys! I'm Wendy and will be doing KS2 in September. I am so excited about starting - I grew up in Port Talbot but have lived in Coventry since 1999 so its a move back home for me as well as a complete career change.
    I did the January interviews and nearly keeled over when I got the offer through after just 10 days! I was preparing myself for 2 months of waiting.
    Will send a request to join the facebook group now.

  8. Hi Wendy :) Congratulations!! That's fanastic :) They definitely seem to be a LOT quicker on replies this year! What are you doing at the moment? It does seem like a big (but hopefully fantastic!) change for you!
    I recieved the reqeust and am sure I accepted it and it's vanished but you arent one of the members :S Which is odd! Could you send the request again at all? I'll make sure I get it right this time!!
  9. I am currently a volunteer and paid Volunteer Support Worker for the English charity Volunteer Reading Help. We send volunteers into Primary Schools to read 1:1 twice a week with three children who are struggling with their reading or need extra help because they are in care. Before that I was a manager at HSBC Bank for 4 years and took a career break to find out if I would make a good teacher. Needless to say I'll never go back to banking now!!
    Don't worry it wasn't you on Facebook - it was me temporarily de-grouping myself.
    To keep a long story very short, I have not yet told my family that I have applied to Cardiff, let alone been accepted on the course. Not that they would be unhappy with this - quite the opposite - I just didn't want to get their hopes up and disappoint them if I didn't get on. You see, my cousin and granddad died within 2 weeks of each other this time last year, then my Mam died suddenly in April, so 2011 was a bad one. I didn't want to make it worse if I didn't get on.
    I really want to tell them now, but as hubby has also applied to go back to Uni and re-train as an Optician we are waiting for the results of his interview at Cardiff on 22 Feb before we give the good news.
    So my face was a picture last night when hubby came home and said ' there goes the secret of you going to Cardiff now - the world will see you've joined that Facebook group'. Ooops!!
    So I will be rejoining once the cat is officially out of the bag.
  10. that sounds like a good job and one that teaching naturallyprogresses from, but quite a career change from banking!!
    im sorry you have such a hard year last year, it really does sound horrible so it's completely understandable. i hope your husband has good news and then you will all be able to celebrate :)
  11. Great idea setting up the Facebook group, I just sent a request to you today when I got my offer.

    I'm doing KS2. Looking forward to meeting you all in September...


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