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UWIC primary interview

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by amyrose28, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Has anyone had an interview for UWIC primary pgce yet??
  2. The ones in dec were cancelled due to bad weather.
    mines on 12th.
  3. Hi,

    Mines the 12th too!! How's your presentation going? Have you done any other preperation?
  4. hi.
    i read a lot of books but thats all- i haven't done much for the presentation either.
    how much are you doing for it? whats your topic?
  5. Haven't a clue yet going to sort it on weekend! I'm Amy btw be nice to know someone at interview?

    Do you have any idea on your presentation? Any idea what the numeracy task is?
  6. Hello!
    I have an interview on the 12th too!
    From what I've heard, we've beaten loads already just to get an interview!
    I'm quite worried, mostly about the presentation even though it's only five minutes!
    Has anyone got any ideas yet?
  7. Mine's on the 12th too. I had an interview with them last year and didn't get in :( but they were really nice :), don't worry. I think I'm doing my research presentation on how Welsh is used in English-medium schools, it really interests me but I'm not sure whether I've got the right end of the stick.
  8. Hi

    Anyone else bricking it for tomorrow? What is everyone doing their presentati on?
  9. Yes i'm so nervous for tomorrow! wish i'd joined this forum earlier to find out who else will be there! my presentation is on dance in the curriculum as my degree is in dance, but its been a while since I graduated, have mainly been working in a school and travelling since then. Anyone else been out of uni for a while, or are u coming straight from your degree? i'm a bit out of practice on the studying side!
  10. Graduated two years ago in law! So a little out of practice. Really stressing can't wait to get it over with, have you applied before? Dreading the numeracy test too, any ideas on what it'll be?
  11. I applied last year and was offered an interview but decided to wait another year as I had some opportunities to get more teaching experience while I was travelling. Hope this is seen as positive not negative! I'm really not clear on the numeracy task because of the bit about being in context with teaching, could be anything from a maths test to a kind of role play primary maths class! i'm just trying not to worry about it, not much we can do when it's so unclear. what is your presentation on? do you live in cardiff at the moment?
  12. No in Newport so not far away you? Mines on assessment for learning hoping it will be ok!
  13. I live in cardiff but am originally from london. Sounds good i'm sure that will be fine. good luck, need an early night but have a feeling il be up late revising!
  14. My interview is tomorrow and Im coming from Newport too. Good luck everyone :)
  15. Got mine tomorrow as well. Bit nervous to say the least! Argh!

  16. How you both feeling? what are you doing your presentation on?
  17. Aren't the night before nerves scary ....:)

    what times everyones interview tomorrow?

    Anyone else starting to panic?
  18. oh was the numeracy task more like a test then? sounds difficult! fed up of waiting for mine to be rescheduled...wish they'd let us know soon!
  19. The numeracy task is not what you expect. There are 20 questions and you have 30 minutes to complete it. You should revise GCSE standard maths for sure as some of the questions are quite long winded.
    Good luck :)
  20. Oh wow really...they didn't make it sound like that at all! Thank you! Hope yours went OK :)

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