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UWIC PGCE Primary 2011/12 - Successful Applicants

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by NicoleLloyd, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Hey All,
    I thought I would create a post for those people who are starting the PGCE course at UWIC in September 2011.
    This could be a nice way for us to try and get to know each other before we start the course...
    Any concerns or questions, post here and hopefully we can help each other out :)

  2. Hi Nicole!

    Good idea on the thread. Have you sent back you CRB & health forms yet? Look forward to September!

  3. Well I found out Saturday night (even though I was emailed and GTTR changed on Friday) And I only made my 'firm acceptance' of UWIC last night. I am living in my Uni house at the moment so I'm not sure if I have been sent anything in the post at home yet......
    (Parents both at work today, so as soon as they are home they will let me know!)
    I am SO shocked to of got a place. This is my first time applying, and before the interview everyone was saying how this was their second time for interviews and talking about work experience etc.... I am so happy though. I had been preparing myself for the worst! haha.
    Nicole x

  4. This was my second attempt too. My interview last year was at the end of March and I was very underprepared but it helped as I knew what to expect this time around. Saying that though, it was much harder this time; there was no numeracy test and the written part wasn't quite so bad.

    The pack you get doesn't have a huge amount of detail really, just a CRB form (have to do another even though I have 7 already!) and a health questionnaire thing. No real details of the course as such.

  5. Aaah, I am so happy for us and everyone else that got on! I want more people to find this thread and people to join the Facebook group! Are you doing foundation phase?
    Nicole x
  6. I'll head over and join now! I'm doing KS2.
  7. Hey guys, I'm starting in September too! Can't wait! I've had my CRB form and health questionnaire, but if you read the letter it tells you to refrain from sending your completed CRB application to them until April because they need it to be as up to date as possible. I think because April is the beginning of the new tax year and everyone's employment, whereabouts etc, will be up to date I think that's the reason.
    I cant wait to find out which school I'm going to be placed in. A whole new wardrobe is needed methinks! Well done guys, I'm so pleased for everyone x
    P.s, I'm going to join the Facebook page too! x
  8. Hi
    I'm KS2 too; I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone and getting stuck into it! When were you interviewed? I'm waiting til April to send the CRB but I've sent the form already. Good to hear that others had got on- this place seemed to go quiet for a while.
  9. My interview was January 12th at 8:30am!
    We need more people who have got a place to see this thread or the Facebook group :)
  10. We start on the 5th September (had to find out for Student Finance :)

    I managed to get hold of a pack from last year that they would normaly send out in May and here was the reading list last year...

    <font size="2">The following Bibliography would serve as excellent background reading material, to give a firm foundation for starting the programme.</font> Moyles, J (1995) Beginning Teaching, Beginning Learning in the Primary School OU Press
    MooreDenby N (Ed) (2008) How To Achieve Your QTS A Guide for Students SAGE

    <font size="2">We should get our own packs for this year anytime soon :) So they may have updated this! Have you joined the Facebook group?! </font>
  11. Hello everyone!

    Great idea about facebook!
    Has everyone received an email/link to this years pack?
    I'm getting excited now! :)

    This is the reading list I had in the pack:
    Bruce T (2010) Early Childhood Education Hodder Arnold
    Bee H (2010) The Developing Child Harper Collins
    Denby N (Ed) (2008) How To Achieve Your QTS A Guide for Students SAGE
    Fisher, J (2007) Starting from the child OU PRESS
    Geen A, Cook M, Davis S, (2007) Issues in the Study of Education UWIC Press.
    Harris C & Rawle M
    Hayes D (2006) Inspiring Primary Teaching Insights into Excellent Primary Practice Learning Matters
    Hayes, D (2009) Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools Learning Matters

    and also:
    Bell J. (2007) Doing your Research Project. England, OUP
    Burton N, Brundett M, Jones M (2008) Doing Your Education Research Project. London, SAGE.
    Denby N, Butroyd R, Swift H, Price J & Glazzard J (2008) Master?s Level Study in Education A Guide To Success For
    PGCE Student. England, OUP
    Elton-Chalcraft S, Hansen A, & Twiselton S (2008) Doing Classroom Research A Step-By-Step Guide for Student
    Teachers. England, OUP
    Sewell K, Lakin L, Mason D, Woodgate-Jones A (2008) Doing Your PGCE at M-Level A Guide For Students. London,
    Sage Publications
  12. Hi all,
    I'm also going to be starting at UWIC in September for KS2. Really looking forward to it, though battling to find childcare for my son at the moment :-(
    I was interviewed Jan 14th - anyone else?
    Have requested add on facebook :)

  13. Hi all

    Bit of a late one, I got told today that I got in. Thank god for reserve lists and very nice to hear a yes after a no.
    Is there lots to fill in before the start?
    Tried to join the FB group but it's a closed group?


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