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UWIC PGCE Interview process 2011/12

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by SazSLW, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I have an interview for UWIC primary PGCE coming up (for entry in Sept 2012). Is there anyone who can give any help r.e the presentation?

    Just clarifying that we have to do a 5 min presentation, but that we don't have to tailor it to children? Just a normal presentation for the panel?

    Many thanks!
  2. Hi all,

    I have an interview for UWIC primary PGCE coming up (for entry in Sept 2012). Is there anyone who can give any help r.e the presentation?

    Just clarifying that we have to do a 5 min presentation, but that we don't have to tailor it to children? Just a normal presentation for the panel?

    Many thanks!

  3. Hi :)

    Well done on getting to the interview stage! If you do a general search there are a couple of threads from this year detailing everything, which are rather helpful :)

    And yes, the presentation is infront of two interviewers and doesn't need to be tailored to children. It was all pretty relaxed :)

    Best of luck with your interview!
  4. Hi!

    Well done!!!

    Im in the same position - my interview is on 24th Feb! Really worried about the presentation!!! There is so much information that I have come across and finding it really hard to brake down without my presentation sounding a bit brief!

    How are you preparing for the actual interview? I have read that they are not your conventional interview questions :S

    J :)
  5. Hey,
    I've got an interview there on 23rd! I wonder how many more interview days they have...
    I think I'll be taking Rescue Remedy with me for the nerves. I'm more nervous about the interview than the presentation though. aaaaaaaaargh!
  6. Hi,

    I think there are quite a few left as my friend was notified YESTERDAY that she had passed stage 1.

    Good Luck!!! Are you all prepared??

  7. tawnyowl01

    tawnyowl01 New commenter


    I also have my interview on the 24th, are you morning or afternoon as I know from other threads that there seems to be two sittings for it. I am the 1pm start. I've finally finished my presentation and just tried to stop myself reading more information on it really as it kept getting longer and longer. I have finally today got it down to roughly 5 minutes, although this all may change on the day once nerves kick in, i'll either rush through or just stubble up and not finish it! Here's hoping it's neither!!

    I'm a bit nervous about the interview questions as I just worry it's going to be very focused on teaching techniques and or educational topics which I have read up on but do not know a vast amount of detail on. Any advice from anyone who has been through this process? Are they very specific questions or more about the skills / experiences which would make you a good teacher? I have been to a few interviews in the past where they ask you to give examples on when you have shown this or that specific attribute / quality or my opinion on a current topical debate but i'm struggling to revise when the issues are so broad and I've heard the questions are out of the norm.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated,

    SP x
  8. Hi SP, my interview is at 9am on 24th! I am also quite nervous about the interview as I don't believe that they ask your everyday 'normal' interview questions. I think that they are going to be looking at how you would deal with a specific scenario. We would have shown how up to date we are on current issues from our presentation so I'm not expecting any questions about this, although I have familiarised myself with several current issues. Its my first time applying and I hate not knowing what to expect!!! J :)
  9. Hi. Mine's 1pm on 23rd. I'm still in the process of doing my presentation stuff, and hoping I've used the right places for my research - TES, ofsted/estyn. Not sure if I've bitten off more than I can chew!!
    With the interview I keep telling myself that most people will be in the same boat. We are wanting to become teachers, therefore we aren't necessarily going to have an opinion or knowledge which is as well informed as a teacher's... I guess just make sure to have a basic grasp of what's going on at the moment, and the planned changes ahead. I too am worried about these 'unusual' questions. Maybe they'll be bizarre, thinking-out-of-the-box questions.....??
    It's good to know there are others feeling like this. I guess it's normal!!!!!! :-s If yours is on the 23rd, I'll let you know how I get on. Eeek!!
  10. I meant 24th!!

  11. Hi :)
    I can try and help a bit with the questions; I had an interview on 19th December and was offered a place :)
    You're right that the questions aren;t really the standard 'Tell us why you want to a teacher/Why will you be a good teacher?' etc etc but the questions they asked me at least, could certainly be moulded to answer these. They are quite long winded and a couple of mine had 2 seperate elements to them. i had to stop after answering the first section of one of mine and ask her to repeat it as I had forgotton it lol, so don't feel like you can't do this - because you can!
    Make sure you know what you have learnt from your experience and what exactly you have done.. A few key examples of what inspires and drives you from your experience, to pursue teaching.
    Look up a couple educational issues, outside of your presentation topic. I was surprised they asked this after the presentation, but thankfully had looked stuff up. I actually spoke about something much more relevant to England, but commented on why had chosen it, as I believed that it was something that would be adopted by Wales as it had had success.
    Be mindful about different abilities in classes and various ways in which children can learn.
    They aren't anything to worry about really, and although they threw me a bit at the time, as I wasn't expecting the way things were worded, they really are mouldable.
    Keep smiling! I made sure I was enthuastic about evrything, smiled the whoel way through (whilst also shaking the whole way as well lol) and used my hands quite a bit as I always do that when I'm excited by something XD. Let them see how much you want this; I really think a genuine enthuasism, excitement, love and passion will show through, even with nerves (as I have NEVER been so nervous in all my life lol).
    Also, if you are worried about presenting and makiong eye contact, I used a handout to give to the interviewers. I think it was a nice touch for showing I was thinknig about things, but also it meant that they were often looking at the page, even though I was regulalry looking at them and showing that I would make eye contact, but it did make it a little less nerve wracking not havign them constantly looking at me lol.
    Good luck! :)

  12. Good luck for the 23rd!!!! I agree that we will only have the knowledge from our own experience and research!

    Thanks Angel Night and well done!!! Massive help! How many question were you asked??? I'm guessing it would've only been a couple???

  13. thanks for the advice peeps. :)
  14. I'll second that! Thanks :)
  15. hi all, how do you think you did? I had my interview today at 1 and think it went ok, just trying to find others who were there, met some nice people today, prospective students and staff.
  16. I had mine 9am yesterday - I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it actually was! The interviewers were really nice and calmed my nerves lots! It's a shame that there's only 120 places available for the whole of Primary! :) x
  17. i did it two years ago and it was pretty similar then too, 116 in total i think they said. think i did better this time though.
  18. Good luck guys. My interview was on thursday and I found out yesterday that I have been unsuccessful. Not disheartened, will try again next year. I ended up rambling on in my presentation and didn't really address the issue I was going to talk about!! (At least they can't say I wasn't enthusiastic!) Take comfort in the fact that if you are left waiting for ages, you've done at least OK and are being considered! :)

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