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UWE Secondary English PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by LauraAlice89, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. UWE have had my application since the end of November and I still haven't heard anything back from them? Is this normal as i'm getting a bit concerned that my other choices are now showing no vacancies!!
  2. jesskiboiski

    jesskiboiski New commenter


    I had an interview at UWE on December 15th for secondary English but we were told that we were the first ones to be interviewed and there would be quite a few more interviews taking place over the next couple of months.

    I sent my application on the very first day that GTTR opened and they still took well over a month to offer me an interview so I wouldn't worry yet! The christmas period probably just slows things down a bit.
  3. Thanks :D
    Was starting to get a bit stressed as my first choice had filled by the time my referee had completed my reference and didn't want my second choice to go too!
    How was the interview? What kind of things did you have to do?
  4. jesskiboiski

    jesskiboiski New commenter

    Yeah I wouldn't worry about it, they haven't given me an offer or a rejection yet so it looks like they're in no rush!

    The interview day was okay- it was from 10 till 4 which was quite intense! We had a written test which was easy enough, then two interviews, one with a headteacher and another with someone who runs the course. They were really laid back which was nice, and just seemed to lead the questions on with what you said in your previous answer. The only thing that I wasn't expecting was the fact that they were all group interviews. It was fine in the end though because you all had a chance to speak rather than having to force your way in. One of the interviews was just with English applicants and the other was with other applicants from different subjects which meant that a lot of what we were talking about was teaching in general rather than a specific subject.

    It's such an annoying system though as all my other choices have filled up too, so I've got everything riding on this choice now! Hopefully you'll hear soon!

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