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UWE Primary PGCE Interviews

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by jenpen123, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Hi all
    Has anyone had their interview for Primary PGCE and heard if they've got a place?
    I'm still waiting to hear if I've even got an interview and I'm terrified I'm not even going to get that far, everytime I phone admissions they tell me that the apps are with the tutors and I should hear soon :(
    I don't know whether to keep checking track or wait for an email or phonecall either, the amount of times I'm checking track a day is getting beyond ridiculous!
  2. Hi Jenpen,
    I had my interview on Wednesday but am still waiting to hear. They said they are trying to meet their admissions poiicy to let us know within 4 weeks but they do not want to give us a definite timescale because the time of year etc can have an effect.
    If your apps with the tutors, I would expect to hear from them within 2 weeks regarding an interview at least that is what I was told, and literally 2 weeks later I heard.
    I'd say don't bother checking track as mine still says sent for consideration even though i've had my interview. You should get a letter through the post although they did say they are trying to move towards doing everything electronically. I got mine in the post.
    Now I'm just waiting for the inteview result.
    Good luck with getting an interview.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply, I'll just have to sit by the door waiting for the postman now lol. Out of curiosity did you have to do the poster task for your interview?
  4. Yep,
    The format was exactly the sme as last year with a numeracy test, literacy task and poster presentation on the title "Being a Primary School Teacher"
    I think the poster presnetation for me was the most scary. The literacy task and numeracy task were fairly straight forward.

  5. Thanks again for your reply it's so nice to hear from someone who's been there already. Fingers crossed I'll hear something soon and good luck!
  6. A big hi and good luck to everyone waiting for either an interview or the results of an interview. It sounds as if we are all feeling the same anxieties. Initialy I spent lots of time checking up on the GTTR site to see if I had an interview, only to get the letter from UWE direct and my status still as under consideration or some similar vague note. Now I am constantly wondering about whether I will be offered a place ...or not. The suspense is killing me. Anyone had good news of an offer at UWE yet?
  7. It seems as though we are the only three here... Have you had your interview already Barneythebear? I had mine last week and have so far managed to limit the amount of time I have spent on track checking my application. I'm not expecting to hear for another 3 and a half weeks at the earliest to be fair... however if this whole 56 day deadline (2 x 28 days) thing is applicable, I should hear by 5th December.
  8. Hi SannyAnny, yes my interview was also last week. It is good to hear I am not alone! I am trying hard not to keep loging onto track progress, but in an odd sort of way, it is quite addictive! I must get out more... Good luck with your application and lets hope we all have good news before Christams...
  9. Barney have you been given details for UWE's welcome login in page? I got an email today. I got all excited thinking that they may have made a decision, but they haven't as yet. They have just given me another thing to get obsessed with! x
  10. Jenpen, have you heard anything as yet? x
  11. Nothing hon but I just got that welcome email as well... tres bizarre! just about to give them a ring now
  12. the welcome to uwe thing is a tracking facility so you can see as soon as they send an offer etc (will prob be far more reliable than gttr for you both who've done an interview!)
    admissions told me the lady who deals with all the applications from the education department is off sick so dont know if will affect you but its why i have nt had my interview date yet.
    another week to sit and wait for me but at least it's not a flat out no!

  13. Hi SannyAnny, yes, like you I also received my log in details today by email and yes like you I was really excited at the prospect of a decision, and again like you rather dissappointed it was an automated reply! Hey ho. I had thought I had it all sorted in my head that I just need to chill out and wait a few weeks but now feel I must check three email sites at least six times a day - my own, UWEs and the GTTR just in case one is quicker than the other...arhhhhhhhhhh...On top of all this I am doing my GCSE science at college and had my first exam ([:'(]) today and have been placed on a reserve list for the Graduate Training Programme (which was option 2) because I don't have science right now and my degree classification is pending. I need some good news and quick!!! Barney x
  14. Hi Jenpen, really hope you get a date soon, I know how agonising this waiting is. A friend of mine had her interview yesterday (presumably set up before the lady went sick!) and she said a number of students failed to show on the day and so they had groups of six. She was given only 5 days to prepare! Think they need to get theur adimin sorted out...Good luck! [​IMG]

    Barney x
  15. ...maybee I need two sort my spelling out to?
  16. Good luck with your Science Barney I had to sit mine last week as well (I certainly did nt think that the lack of a Science GCSE would bite me on the bum aged 27 but there we are!)
    Fingers crossed good news for all soon keep me posted!

  17. I am exactly the same.. at least when it was just gttr, all I had to do was see if I had an email to notify me that my status was updated, and I check that at least once a day anyway. Now I feel a need to check the UWE welcome numerous times to check the status.

    As for the interview situation, a girl didnt turn up for her interview in my group, and we had a group of 3!
  18. the uwe thing will email you with updates as soon as they happen apparently :) fingers crossed!

    would one of you mind filling me in on the interview task again. is the title for the poster just being a primary school teacher socould you look at anything you like about what makes a good primary teacher? any help on the specifics would be much appreciated.
    i've got a terrible feeling that if i do get an interview that i'll only have a days notice and sooo much uni work at the moment i think it would trigger a nervous breakdown!

  19. please ignore my horrendous spelling and punctuation it has been a long old day!
  20. Yep the title of the poster was Being a primary school techer and everyone did different things, i chose personalised learning, someone else chose asessment for learning and the other girl chose the qualities that make a good teacher.. so it's a very broad topic.
    You'll also have a maths test - ks2 level really, and a english task where you are given a list of the qts standards for teaching and you have to write about 2 of them.

    My punctuation, grammar and spelling are appalling because i've just got in from work and i'm being lazy. I apologise.


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