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UTI - ouch!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Mrs Mo, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Yesterday I woke up with quite a lot of discomfort "down below" - just felt very, very sore with a burning pain which got very bad when I went to the loo. I was so uncomfortable and sore that I could hardly sit down! I thought it might be thrush, so I bought a "combi" treatment (pessary etc).
    This morning, it was no better and I was having some abdominal pain too so managed to get an appointment with the nurse at our GP clinic. She confirmed I had a urinary infection. I'm now on antibiotics but my question is why am I so sore? It feels like the burning/soreness is vaginal and not in the bladder. Honestly, I feel like I can hardly sit down. Is this something to do with the menopause? (I havent had a period for 3 years and am having lots of hot flushes). I've had a couple of UTIs before and havent felt like this. I'm 48.[​IMG]
  2. The opening to the urethra is very close to the vagina. If the urethra is inflamed - and when i get cystitis it stings like hell - it might seem as if it's coming from the vaginal area. The tissues round there willl be thinning during the menopause so perhaps are more sensitive than you were expecting?

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