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'usual' duration for a DHT interview process

Discussion in 'Primary' started by BlueMoomin, May 8, 2012.

  1. Hi - hope this is the right forum ... Apologies if it isn't!

    I've just begun to apply for DHT posts and have just (unsuccessfully) completed my first interview process.
    The whole thing consisted of three (gruelling!) days. I was just wondering if this is the norm? I understand the process has to be rigorous and similar to that of appointing a HT for obvious reasons, but I'm concerned about the amount of time away from my own school if I make a few applications and am invited for interview!

    Any experiences / thoughts.

    Many thanks
  2. michael1977

    michael1977 New commenter

    Hello. I recently went for a dh interview. The process lasted
    all day with a lesson observation, interview
    by school council, presentation to the governors
    and finally interview. I know other schools
    who interview over two days. I'm also thinking
    about how much time I can realistically take off.
    Good luck
  3. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    We always try to get these things over with in a day. A three day interview would suggest the SLT have a lot of time on their hands ...
  4. Thanks for the replies ...
    To be honest, I thought it was a bit long, but it definitely tested my wits!!

    Day 1: formal tour / teach for an hour / meet staff 'informally' / meet kids and school council

    Day 2: literacy task / 1:1 scenario / unseen written task

    Day 3: unseen presentation / formal panel interviews

    Twas tough - but I expected it to be! The school is classed as 'outstanding' and has a reputation for extremely high standards - so I wasn't expecting an easy ride by any means! Went to an internal in the end.[​IMG] Am hoping I am better at the whole process next time!


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