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using success criteria in reception, help please !

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by vickywitham, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. vickywitham

    vickywitham New commenter

    Hi, I'm looking to see what other people do regarding success criteria in reception. How do I plan my activities using thisand should the children have success criteria explained for every activity I do with them. I only use it for adult led activities but struggle to use it most of the time. Is this because it is not relevant for eyfs or am I doing it all wrong? I just curious to see what other people think , thanks
  2. just say 'well done'
    or 'that's interesting' or 'what did you do' or 'can you show me how to do that' or anything positive at all and then leave it up to them.
    All the rest is not really engaging with what children are learning and are nothing more than paper hats for dogs at this age.
    How do you use sucess cirteria in the following early years ability
    'As long as children have the courage and sense to destroy their toys, there is no harm done..' REv R I Edgeworth (1822)
    He goes on to say 'If by play be meant everything that is not usually called a task, then undoubtedly much may be learned at play....From the moment the attention is fixed children are no longer idle at play they are active at work'.
    And again how do you give success crietria to this?

  3. I do success criteria as a 'remember' statement.
    I usually draw picture clues and explain it to the children as to what they need to remember to do a really good piece of work
    e.g. remember finger spaces (L.O. write a caption)
    remember 8 legs (L.O. to draw a spider)

  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    nothing... I tell them what we are doing ...today we are making toast ... today we are going to plant seeds
  5. I do this too. When my head came into oberve me recently my LO was to hear, say & write the sounds in words so I had pictures of lips/ears and kept pointing to them, "remember to hear the sound, say it to your friend now write it down".
    I can't say I do it religously for every adult focus task but I do think it works and helps them to focus!
  6. vickywitham

    vickywitham New commenter

    some great ideas which have really got me thinking. any more ideas welcome lol
    thanks for your help folks [​IMG]
  7. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    I have had this <strike>argument</strike> discussion in a staff meeting recently. Of course, in discussion with children about whatever they are doing we will explore possibilities to take it further in whatever direction it goes but the idea of listing all this beforehand for the million and one possible activities and trains of thought is impossible.
    If you have to do it, list 3 things for an adult led activity and then whoever is observing you can tick their box and you can continue as normal. Am I just cynical - probably!

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