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Using SISRA for GCSE (9-1) data

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by smileyanna1, May 10, 2016.

  1. smileyanna1

    smileyanna1 New commenter

    We have just done our first data capture for Year 10 using grades 9-1, and headline figures on SISRA were dreadful. I also noted that a student with a KS2 level 4c, who I was predicting a grade 4 (equivalent of a low C?) was not making 3 levels of progress. I queried this with our data manager, and we contacted SISRA, who informed us that they have set their system to equate a grade 4 with a D grade. (1=G, 2=F, 3=E, 4=D, 5=C, 6=B, 7=A, 8=A* and presumably 9=A**)

    I get that this works well for their systems but I am concerned. If the number of grade 4s and above in 2017 are set in proportion to the number of grade Cs and above in 2016 (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/setting-standards-for-new-gcses-in-2017) but as soon as those students are allocated a grade 4, SISRA classes them as a D grade equivalent, how are our headline figures expected to be anywhere near what they are now? Even if our students marks improve, the same proportion nationally will be awarded 4+,so somebody (who would previously have got a C) has to get grade 4 - which SISRA will then say is a D.

    This is alongside the fact that SISRA now expect KS2 level 2 student to get a grade 3 (which I thought was approximately equivalent to a D) in order to make 3 Levels of progress (Level 2 to a D would previously have been 4 LOP), level 3 needs to get grade 4 (C), level 4 needs to get grade 5 (C/B) - all of which is increasing expectations without any warning. At the top end, expectations for the most able students haven't changed - a level 5 student can get a grade 6 (B), and make 3LOP, and a level 6 student can also get a grade 6 and be classed as making 3LOP?

    I get the fact that a grade 5 is now going to be a good pass, and will count in figures eventually, but for this first cohort, SISRA seem to be changing the goalposts - they now need to make 4LOP instead of 3 (did anybody mention that?), and they are setting up a whole load of students (and Maths/English departments) to fail by changing what a grade 4 is worth.

    Anyone got any opinions (apart from the fact that if all our English and Maths figures drop we will all become 'requires improvement', and instantly be academised!?)
  2. blade68

    blade68 New commenter

    I may be missing the point but aren't SISRA a commercial organization? Therefore they have no more knowledge (and possibly less) than a maths department about what the new grades will look like and what will be classed as expected progress.

    We actually had the maths guy (who was not a maths specialist!) in from one of the exam boards just before Christmas, his answer to everything we asked about grades was basically "We don't know that"
  3. smileyanna1

    smileyanna1 New commenter

    I absolutely agree blade - but my worry is that my school along with many others use SISRA to track and monitor progress, and these figures are published externally (reports for Ofsted etc.), and they look rubbish at the moment. My SLT were not aware there was an issue, so were expecting my figures to be comparable with those of other departments and maths figures for previous years which they never can be.
  4. mikebez1

    mikebez1 New commenter

    as of this summer there will be no levels on entry. So sisra will have to come up with producing a progress tracker that uses the 100 measure and relate it to GCSE grades (1-9). How?????? Plus mastery etc
  5. smileyanna1

    smileyanna1 New commenter

    Hopefully by the time they get to year 10 we will all have a better idea of what the new grades look like? Unless they change it all again?
  6. install

    install Star commenter

    Any thoughts out there on 'sisra progress index' ? Not sure if it is really accurate or not ...

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