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Using parents to complain to get back at staff

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by casper, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. 'There is something wrong with the entire systems over here. And I apologise to anyone who takes offence to what I'm saying but so far this is what I have both experienced myself, heard about, and read about.'

    We don't take offence; it's only what rght-thinking teachers here have been saying for decades. Problem is, no-one is listening...or else no-one knows what to do about it.
  2. casper

    casper New commenter

    I am passionate about my job and that is to teach to my best ability. I believe all pupils have a right to learn in a safe happy environment, An environment where they can learn and grown as individuals. All I want is the support I deserve and to work in a safe happy environment. Where everyone is valued and recognised for the role they play. I am asking too much, i realise that.
  3. Mitzka

    Mitzka New commenter

    Absolutely not - you are NOT asking too much. This is exactly how it should be and it is not your fault that it is not happening that way as it takes more than one to make this happen. You are obviously not being valued and deserve to work in a positive work environment where you and your attributes are acknowledged positively.
  4. Dobbinstar

    Dobbinstar New commenter


    This may not be what you want to hear but from what you have said you seem to be in a really extreme situation which is taking its toll on you physically and emotionally. My advice is simple: get out of there if you possibly can and find a school that at least gives you a fighting chance of doing the job you are paid to do.

    Doing so would in no way be a sign of weakness or defeat in my opinion, rather a statement that you recognise the importance of safeguarding your own health and well being as a priority and that you INSIST that any workplace takes its duty of care towards you ( never mind the students) seriously.

    There is never a 'good' time to leave a school. Some class will be inconvenienced but none of us are indispensable.

    I went through a similarly tough experience in my first school and the best thing I ever did was to leave.
  5. The same thing happened to me in a private "school" in Liverpool. Get in touch with the head office of your union. Get them to send a rep to see you. DO NOT go into any meeting without a witness. The union should be playing hell with your HT and school. I resigned and the HT/owner of the school had to sign a reference which I wrote and had to pay me six month's salary.
  6. casper

    casper New commenter

    Thank you to everyone for your support. You do not know how much I appreciate it.

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