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using garageband

Discussion in 'Music' started by hammondist, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Hi loree. Can't claim to be an expert, but..... the easiest thing to do would be to buy a karaoke track for the song you want from iTunes and import this into Garageband. Use the Track menu to create an audio track (middle option, Real instrument) and then open the media browser using the button in the bottom right corner. This will show music available in your iTunes and you can just import the track from here. You will then need an external microphone plugged in through an interface. These can be bought cheaply. Check with a good educational supplier for the best deal. Choose something simple. One in one out is what you need. You can then create another audio track and record your vocals over the backing track. You can use the built in mic, but the results are not great.

    Have fun. H
  2. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    Do this quite a bit where I work and the students love it.
    We practice live a bit and then record using headphones. (This avoids recording tha backing on the same track) Once recorded lots of fun effects to play about with. Garage band is really easy and effective to use.
    Simple to burn their track to CD so they can take their work home. Enjoy!
  3. It is possible to import Midi tracks into Garage band. There are millions of these on the web. Just type the name of the track you want and then midi afterwards and they come up. Save Target As will save it to your hard drive or pen drive and then you just use the import function. The tracks should load as seperate tracks so you can change the sounds and play about with them - COOOL!
  4. You should even be able to record using the mic inside the computer. This could simplify the procedure even further.
    You may have to go into "audio settings" to switch the mic on ( and set the level...auto is easier). Use headphones to avoid overspill as advised by another poster.
    For songs Google something like: " Hey ya free midifile". there are zillions of free midifiles available
    good luck
  5. Thanks for all your help!

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