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Using EYFS Profiles for tracking progress...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Truongers, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Has anyone else had their Headteacher and SLT team go through their scores and say why children are 'not making much progress' according to their tracking of the scores even though the EYFS profile should not be used as tracking?
    Also they are questioning my scores on 3 children who are scoring below 6 for a few scale points (not all - 2 are EAL and one is till very immature) and trying to increases their scores and have taken them out 'for moderation purposes' which as I've been told by the children is can they say what is healthy foods and can they play a counting game with them - surely this isn't 'child initiated'!
    Why do I bother using my knowledge of the children and try to score them as honestly as I can - they will all be 6s next year!!!
  2. HI
    Yes I get this every half term when I have to update and hand in scores - we sit down and he identified children he thinks are under-achieving and asks me why I think this is (even as early on as the October half term) and what I am going to do to address it.
    I am honest with my scores and don't make excuses up for them being low (I have just handed my completed scores in and some of the boys are only achieving 4 for writing - I told him how we have been addressing this daily in class but it just so happens they are not achieving higher scores - some children don't!
    I know it is very tempting to give higher scores just to avoid a grilling but really you should be honest and stick up for what you know is right - have they been working with the children all year/do they know them inside out like I bet you do?.
    (I have to say though it has taken me 4 years to get this brave!!)
  3. hurny

    hurny New commenter

    Quote DFES: "The primary purpose of the EYFS profile is to provide year 1 teachers with
    reliable and accurate information about each child's level of development as
    they reach the end of the EYFS, enabling the teacher to plan an effective,
    responsive and appropriate curriculum that will meet all children's needs."

    It is a shame that the EYFS profile is being used for reasons that it was not designed for! I also have children who have achieved only scale point 3 in writing as they are not applying their writing skills independently during CI activities.
    If I were to inflate the scores just to meet these so-called 'targets' of sp6 across the board, then the year 1 teacher would be receving inaccurate information and it would be very difficult for her to show that the child has made progression throughout year 1.
    This is even more ridiculous....I received a transition record from a Montessori nursery school for a girl who is starting my class in September. According to them, she has achieved scale points 6-9......yes 9......already![​IMG]
  4. Wow scale 9 in nursery!! You'd better start on the National Curriculum with her in Rec then! [​IMG]
    Unfortunately the powers that be have changed the scores so that all children (apart from one who has downs syndrome) are scroing average or above as 'they' found that they could do all those things via looking at evidence and interviewing the children e.g. can you play this counting game - ok we can tick that box. Yet none of these children were observed in a CI activity and after a 15min conversation (where I was not 'cooperating' by not wanting to change my scores that I spent time on!!) I wasn't consulted any further. Grrrrrr! I do feel for the year 1 teachers as it is the children that will struggle and have unachievable targets! What would I know having only taught in Rec for 4 years!
  5. Our profile scores are sent to the LEA 3 times a year ! October, March and June. Last year it was just October and June. Maybe next year we will have to send them every month just to check we are doing lots of unnecessary paperwork !!!
  6. If the findings of the EYFS review are taken up, you should not see (quite) this level of nonsense in the future
    LEAs will always want to attempt micromanagement in the name of progress!!
  7. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    My perception is that this is caused by the left hand of the LA not knowing what the right hand is doing. I've been to countless courses where EY advisers have said that HTs shouldn't be using FSP for tracking or target setting. But this doesn't come from HTs, it's the SIPs. I made a remark once to an EY adviser that I'd be working more on music provision in the classroom and by the HT's next meeting with the SIP this had morphed into "I hear that music is a real weakness in your reception class". That learned me to keep my gob shut.
  8. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Thats nothing! we once had a 3 year old<u> start</u> nursery with scores of 9 across the profile from the private day nursery she had attended previously [​IMG]

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