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Using DfE KS2-KS4 Transition Matrices to judge a subjects performance

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Cyberman, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Cyberman

    Cyberman New commenter

  2. Luke-2015

    Luke-2015 New commenter

    Hi. Thank you for the information regarding how combined science grades were converted. To convert them back to a double grade (so I can enter them into 4matrix), would you simply just double up, i.e. a minimum target grade of a 5 would become 5-5?

    Also, I noticed that MFL languages are always generating a P8 around 0.0. How would we explain this, considering all other subjects are giving round about 0.5 (+/- 0.1ish)?

    As for the AS qualifications, would you suggest using the GCSE9-1 (all) transition matrix and then convert the grade to the equivalent AS grade, e.g. a GCSE grade 6 would be equivalent to an AS grade of a D?
  3. Cyberman

    Cyberman New commenter

  4. Cyberman

    Cyberman New commenter

    Hi, sorry for the late reply I have only just seen your second question.

    1. Yes the simplest solution for double science is to simply double the target grade so for example a 5 becomes a 55.

    2. I will check the MFL data, it should not come out to 0 with an ordinary cohort.

    3. Your solution for AS levels is a workable compromise, as I said in my last message I will be updating and improving the spreadsheets and methodology when next year's national data is released. I am hoping the DfE will also issue some KS2 to AS level data as well then.

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