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using body part names - how do you negotiate what's ok to say?

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by strawb009, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Have been teaching PSHE for a short while. School has recently moved from collapsed-timetable days only to timetabled PSHE, so am now teaching much smaller group of Year 7s and able to go into more detail with their SRE.
    I am fine and happy with the actual content of the lesson (physical changes in puberty) but wonder if anyone has any tips on:
    -breaking the ice and easing the anxiety at the start of the session (the pupils know what the lesson is about)
    -discussing and naming genitals and agreeing on acceptable terms to use for the lesson.
    I want the session to be really informal and for all to feel able to contribute, part of this being which nice rude words they can and can't say!
    Thanks in advance for any thoughts
  2. <font size="2">Hi there,</font><font size="2">I went on an SRE/PSHE CPD course last year it gave me loads of fantastic resources and support. Before the main part of the lesson starts the class has to come up with a set of ground rules of how to behave in all of their SRE/PSHE lessons. This can be done in small groups or same sex groups; they come together and discuss what they have come up with and agree on the10 they feel are best. They are then displayed when teaching that class and referred to during the lesson, they usually come up with, listen to each other, be respectful, don&rsquo;t be silly etc. If they are on display and the class have come up with them they feel they have ownership of how the discussion part of the lesson should go; you'll find they self police and pull each other up on them eventually.</font><font size="2">The way I tackle body parts is to start with a carousel type activity with large pieces of paper on the floor spread around the room, one with the title male body parts one female body parts, (I also have what happens in puberty, but you could just use the two). I split the class into boys and girls or small groups, sometimes same sex groups work best as they feel more confident in their own gender groups. They are then are allowed to list all of the words they have ever heard for male and female genitals, after 5/10 mins they swap over. I play music whilst they do this so they are not focusing on what the other group is writing. I pick music that fits the exercise like "teenagers" by My Chemical Romance. The music stops and they swap. Before hand you explain that this is a no holds barred exercise and they are allowed for those 5/10 mins to use slang words, swear words and rude words. Once they have done that and got all of the "bad" words out there I explain that from now on during these lessons the only acceptable language and words are.... and list them. </font><font size="2">I find this works really well and gets all the silliness out of the way and tackles it head on and then you can start using the correct terminology knowing they all understand what you are referring to.</font><font size="2">If you want any resources let me know and message me your email. </font><font size="2">Good Luck</font>
  3. Hi Thanks for your kind reply and excellent ideas!
    I did a similar thing which worked really well and really did the trick of relaxing us all.
    Thanks again for taking the time

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