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Using and Applying Maths lesson Year 3 / 4 interview

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by jeff291, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. So when they give you the job and ask you to plan ~20 hours of learning per week, 38 weeks a year you will not have a clue what to produce?
    Wrong job if so.
    How about googling the term 'using and applying' and putting together some form of plan so people can offer help.
    Broad makes it so much easier as long as you know what 'using and applying' means.
    Blank canvas.
  2. I would say that a mini investigation would be ideal. The differentiation is in the support you give either orally or in structured worksheets. If it is an open ended task you can get a lot of using and applying skills out of the pupils and discuss strategies and ideas to show progress. I have a resource on here which is a football kit investigation to do with combinations of shirts and shorts. It was originally aimed at year 6 but there will be plenty of others like it if that doesn't suit.

    There is also a great publication called 'mathematical challenges for able pupils, the activities in here would be good for a 20-30minute lesson.


    Hope this helps and good luck with your interview.

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