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Using an ipad in English?

Discussion in 'English' started by figgins, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Does anyone use an ipad in English, or would if they could? I can get one very cheaply through school, but am unconvinced about what I would actually use it for. Any ideas?
  2. With iWork installed on it, I download my resources and lesson plans so the I can access them when I need. With iCloud, I can now update on the move or at home and have the most up to date version on my iPad at all times. Keynote is far superior to Powerpoint, so any presentations I have are also run from the iPad with the Dock to VGA connector. If your school is wi-fi enabled and your iPad is connected to the wi-fi, it will also give you access to web based applications. So, my work email gets delivered to it, I can access the SIMS Learning Gateway via Safari so can do registers and reports etc from iPad. Having an iPad also means that you can play Angry Birds in meetings - provided you remember to turn the sound off.
  3. Thanks Arthur, it does look like it might be quite useful, but I don't think I'd want to be spending my own money on it.
  4. I've had an ipad for 6 weeks now and it really is amazing to use in the classroom and for marking, registers, markbook etc. There's actually loads of apps you can use. From free lollystick apps to whiteboards. It's great also for taking pictures of students' work (the camera resolution is fantastic) which allows you or any other (responsible) student to annotate, highlight and underline what it effective. The whole class can see. It's like a portable projector.
    I think I really have just scratched the surface though. I've yet to find a way to link it up to the IWB so that my penon the board operates on the ipad. I think this could be done but would need a reflector application.
    Anyone else with any ideas?
  5. Ipad2 and later "reflect" and can be plugged into whiteboards.

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