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Using a Wii in the classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by peppermint25, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. peppermint25

    peppermint25 New commenter


    I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences of using the Wii console as a vehicle for learning across the curriculum - to hook, engage and enrich the learning experience. Do any of you have it or use it? What do think about using a console in the classroom. If you do use it how do you integrate it into the curriculum?

    I currently use a lot of ICT within the classroom and have began to think about the wealth of possibilities for the Wii. In particular, for our topic coming up on the Olympics I could use Mario London Olympics 2012 as a stimulus and context for learning.

    Thank you, any suggestions or opinions would be very much appreciated :)
  2. peppermint25

    peppermint25 New commenter

  3. Haven't used one myself but would love to.
    Lots of ideas on www.ideastoinspire.co.uk
  4. Hi, I've used the Wii before with Yr4/5 to work on fractions. We used the ten-pin bowling game and worked out the fraction knocked over / left standing. Easy to differentiate as higher abilities can be changing it into decimal, finding lowest equivalent fraction (if possible) or converting into hundredths etc. I like the idea about using it to link with the Olympics so will definitely look at some possibilities within those games - perhaps converting the race times, calculating the differences between distances thrown or working out additional distances needed to get to a certain point for throwing sports?
  5. have a look on Tim Rylands website lots of ideas of how to use a Wii in class, im hoping to use it this term for a topic on African Safari with lots of chances for literacy!
  6. peppermint25

    peppermint25 New commenter

    Thank you for all these wonderful ideas! They have given me lots of food for thought. I think I will have to firstly get myself knowledgeable with the games and then gage their potential in the classroom. I like the idea of using African Safari and Endless Ocean. Many thanks! :)
  7. I haven't used the Wii in school but I imagine the children would enjoy it!
  8. There's a great puzzle Wii game called Zack and Wiki with an accompanying storyline that encourages reading for a purpose -- I use it with my 9yr old who is deaf as he needs lots of motivation to read. I think someone's already mentioned it but there's also an archery component to the Wii Sports Resort game that involves distance and wind calculations. I'm pretty sure there's a Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? for Wii as well which might be fun for geography.

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