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usical theatre/Acting courses

Discussion in 'Personal' started by perky_panda, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Not quite sure where to post so here goes. I love musicals and the theatre etc and always wanted to go down that route but wasn't confident enough. Anyway skip forward a couple of years and I am now mid 20's and know I am never going to be a west-end star but would like to just have a go. Was looking at some summer courses in London, one being The Poor School which is says has people from all backgrounds including lawyers, office workers etc and the average age is about 30. Or the Arts Educational School which is a much better school and marginally cheaper but it is for 17+ so I am worried they would all be 18 year olds who are waiting or auditioning to get into theatre school. Anyone been to any of these summer courses, or heard of them before? Any advice?
  2. Ignore the title error, should said Musical theatre/Acting courses!
  3. Competition is tough, especially for the poor school and the auditions can be quite ruthless. Artsed turned me down at 18 because I had a moon face, as the director kindly put it! If you have a thick skin and can cope with rejection then go for it.
  4. Why don't you join a local Amdram group?
  5. They don't have an audition for either school for the summer course as they are only one week long. Am thinking that the poor school would suit me better (not particularly the course, more the type of people) but still not sure.
  6. They must have changed things since I went. We had to audition as demand for places was so high.
  7. Have re-read the websites but it mentions no auditions. There aren't any local amdram societies around here plus I don't want to get tied down twice a week or such I just want to say I have had a go if you know what I mean. I do go to a singing adult-ed course at the moment but thats going to stop soon for the summer hols.
  8. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    Then apply for both and see which, if either, you get.
    There will be competition for places, so the sooner, the better.
  9. Am going to go for the Poor School one because the range seems better plus I know I won't be the only beginner/older person there. Also the ArtsEd one starts straight after school breaks up for summer and I want a break beforehand :)

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