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Useful resources for FREE!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by helenkitten, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I am emigrating and have an enormous quantity of resources for KS2 that I am prepared to give away to any teacher who might want them - laminated things (such as games for Invaders topic Vikings), sheets, photos, activities, texts for literacy, Christmas 'makes' templates, French resources ........ I have been a Primary teacher for 11 years across all year groups and this is the cumulated store of all the good stuff I have made and used, both as a class teacher and more recently on Supply. They are all organised into labelled folders for easy access to what you want so they are also great for Supply teachers who might want to take something suitable if there is no planning available at their booking. Just pick up a suitable maths activity, a literacy text and the folder for the topic they are studying and off you go to your booking looking super-organised, prepared and efficient. I cannot tell you how useful this resource bank has been but I just cannot take it with me and I would be heart-broken to have to put it all into a skip, so it is all FREE to any teacher who might want it and can come to collect it.

    I am in Derbyshire, so send me a private message if you are interested, :.)
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Just been reading your posts on Primary and yes it's a good idea to post here. Unfortunately Derbs is too far for me especially as I don't even know if I'll get ANY work this year.
  3. What a shame I live in South West (Devon) so much to far for me to collect. Hope someone makes good use of all your hard work.
  4. omg are you kidding?
    I am in Derbyshire, have just started supply teaching and would LOVE to take you up on this
  5. Hi- I am interested!!!!
    I am secondary school teacher- but will be doing primary supply... so would be most helpful.
    Where abouts in Derby are you- I can get my brother to collect as I am in Greater Manc.

    If you are too far out- my loss :-(

  6. Just found more stuff!
    Mainly literacy and numeracy but also some science posters and general equipment such as laminated hundred squares and things like that.
    In Derbyshire (still!) and free to someone who could use it.
    Good stuff for supply daily.

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