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Use of Multi-sensory Rooms/Studios

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by katjuliarhodes, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. I am writing an essay about the current use of Multi-sensory Rooms/Studios (MSE). I have found that there is little current research, much dates from the 1990s and is more about the type of room and equipment rather than <u>how</u> it is used to support the learning of students with PMLD.

    So I was wondering what is happening out there? How are people using MSEs? What research is influencing your use of them?

    Although I have taught in a special needs school for 4 years I rarely teach in the MSE. I personally find teaching in a MSE daunting, although I can use the technology, set up adapted switch access for students I find I am either using it to teach individuals specific skills which are then difficult to generalise when out of the sensory room. Or I use it in a dramatic way - to set the atmosphere for a sensory story.

    Does anyone else have similar difficulties?

    Your help and advice would be much appreciated.


    Julia Rhodes
  2. Hi, I work in an ASD base and we use our sensory room in many different ways including: for children who are very visual learners, we dim the lights and use torches to count (count the flashes), we also use the torches for 'air writing' letters and numbers. We also use this room for children who need more sensory therapy, e.g. exploring different materials for touch, smell etc.. We sometimes need to use the room purely for learning the technique of relaxation - something a lot of children with ASD find difficult - we play calming music and use mats for lying on. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for your comments [​IMG]
    I guess we're in agreement that the Multi-Sensory Environment is a motivating environment to consolidate and generalise skills which are being worked on in the classroom environment?
    Also the importance of having an environment for relaxing and perhaps 'calm'?

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