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Use of hinge questions in science

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by stevefc, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. I have heard discussions about the use of hinge questions being a useful assessment tool.
    Does anyone have examples of science hinge questions?
  2. Hi Steve, "Hinge" questions are questions which quickly give you an idea of the real level of understanding of fundamental concepts. Relatively quick to understand and get answers for, but very telling. Ideal for stimulating discussion, or for using if you have an electronic voting system or discussion facility (E.g. on VLE)in school. Take a look at this:
    Hinge questions PDF
  3. Thanks for your excellent summary. I like the fact that they can be simple and quick to use with a response from all students.
    I did find an example which supports your summary: (perhaps not that simple)
    Science hinge question where the incorrect responses show typical student misconceptions:D. gravity is holding it onto the table. E. there is a force inside the ball keeping it from rolling off the table

  4. I like the look of these. Electronic voting machines are obviously a luxury in the average scottish school, but you can get the same response from show-me boards or anonymous post-its stuck to the board.
    I also think they would go quite well with concept cartoons, like the ones the science centre had on the glasgow subway a couple of years ago.

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