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Use of exercise books in DT (Ks3)

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by reddhedd, May 21, 2018.


Best way of evidencing student work at KS3

  1. Printed booklets for each topic

  2. Exercise book that is used all year

  3. Sketchbook used all year

  4. Other

  1. reddhedd

    reddhedd New commenter

    I was wondering what other schools use for students work in DT at KS3, assuming students are on a rotations basis. We have used printed booklets for the last few years but now wondering whether the use of an exercise book (or even sketchbook?) may be a better way of evidencing work?
    Obviously there would be the odd worksheet and computer based work that would be printed and stuck in. We are trying to incorporate a bit more theory into the lessons to give students more preparation for starting GCSEs in year 9.
    Our Year 7 and 8 rotations currently incorporate Product Design, Textiles, Graphics and Food Tech.
    Would like to know peoples thoughts and experiences please.
    Many thanks in advance.
  2. davidkirby007

    davidkirby007 New commenter

    For KS3, we have used alternate blank and lined paged exercise books(worked well but expensive), blank paged books but provided students with thick lined page to aid neater lines (weaker pupils struggled) and cheapest traditional maths exercise books (worked well)
  3. leverarch1970

    leverarch1970 New commenter

    Cardboard wallet with progress sticker on front (updated termly) loose paper/work inside, subject specific areas can put in their own booklets, textiles samples etc and the wallet rotates to next subject.
  4. we are moving from pre-printed workbooks to exercise books this year, to give pupils more scope to extend themselves.
  5. shavenhobo

    shavenhobo New commenter

    Books for refinement and development.
  6. cherry7

    cherry7 New commenter

    We have gone with books this year and it's been a really good decision. Students can track their progress as can the teacher. We have also taken away rotations and stayed with the same teacher for KS3. This has allowed staff to focus on learning and the iterative process much more closely. A good decision to have books, everything in one place. We still stick in some sheets. We chose to buy the larger than A4 books - I think they are called oversized books, this meant we didn't need to cut down any A4 sheets to fit, they can be stuck in straight away.
    Students take pride in them and they are well looked after, booklets tended to be forgotten or thrown away at the end of the project/rotation. A little late but Go with books.
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