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Use of 3d Printers in schools

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by KAPT, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. KAPT

    KAPT New commenter

    I've just started using the Ultimaker 2 3d printer and was wondering how other teachers are using 3d printing within school? I can already see that time to print will be an issue, as well as time to create the design in the first place. I am interested in knowing how it is being used, if at all, and what cad software is used. I remember reading about some students using it to create parts for vex robotics projects?
  2. cosybear

    cosybear New commenter

    Yes, you've quickly picked up the main problems. Add in aborted printings; material costs; maintenance and you're just about there.

    3D printing in schools is a nice idea but the technology isn't really ready for it.yet

    On a more helpful note, simple objects like 3d badges/key rings/earrings can be popular and are fairly straightforward and quick to produce with most setups

    Some inspiration here and here
  3. cosybear

    cosybear New commenter

  4. KAPT

    KAPT New commenter

    Thanks for the links and images. One of the images brought up an interesting link to an American teacher who promotes teaching 3d printing. Another frustration to add to the list is when the plastic doesn't stick to the plate! Some models I have been printing today seem to work better than others. I have just been playing around with Tinkercad but I think I need to change my design or settings as it keeps moving off the plate. Will try google sketchup next.
  5. rebronald

    rebronald New commenter

    I had my year 10 class do a 4-week design project. They had to find a client with a need and create a design for them, make it in 3D using tinkercad and then print it on our 3D printer. Mixed results since some designed un-printable things, and some designs didn't work - eg phone cases that didn't fit - and the time I spent printing was horrendous!
  6. rebronald

    rebronald New commenter

    Here are a few pics...I think..if I've attached them right.

    Attached Files:

  7. cosybear

    cosybear New commenter

    For a 4 week project these are great. But as you have said they must have taken hours (days, weeks ?) to print.
    What you really need in schools is something like this

    The timer is in minutes
  8. KAPT

    KAPT New commenter

    Thanks for sharing the photos and info. I am planning to try a simple name key ring created in Tinkercad with year 7's to print whilst we are doing a CAD CAM project. I have also been fiddling with doing a design in 2D design or drawn by hand and then taking it through illustrator, 123D then into tinkercad - a bit long winded as an approach and I am sure there is a simpler way but it has worked so far for a simple piece. Will upload some photos later.

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