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Use magic to get attention from a new group

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by MagicClass, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. <u>Mind Trick 7: "You WILL do as I say!"</u>

    This is a great trick to remind students that your word is
    final - that they really have no choice but to follow your instructions!

    The illusion:

    You reach into your pocket or desk drawer and start pulling
    out random objects - a pair of scissors, some keys, a whistle, flux capacitor,
    the watch from your wrist, thumb screw etc. You select three items (let's say
    the watch, the keys and the whistle) and place them on the desk.

    "Daniel, you're going to pick one of these items and
    I'm going to make you pick the one I want you to pick using subliminal
    messaging. The key here, I'll say that again, the key here is to focus on one
    item and pick the one that locks (looks) right." (You make it quite
    obvious that you are trying to suggest the keys to Daniel by highlighting the
    words 'key' and 'locks'.)

    Daniel smiles a smile which says "I don't think so,
    sir" and picks the watch.

    You look surprised but then say "Well, that's very
    interesting Daniel, you obviously think you can ignore my instructions
    completely but you underestimate the power I have over you."

    You point at a blank piece of paper on the desk and ask
    Daniel to turn it over. On the other side it reads "You will pick the
    watch - told you!"

    How it's done:

    You are actually covered no matter what object the student
    picks with this nifty little trick. If he picks the keys you direct him to look
    closely at the keys and read the key fob. On the key fob is written "Ha
    ha, I knew you'd pick the keys! Don't underestimate me. "

    By placing the keys with the fob facing down to the table,
    he would not see this during the trick until he picks them up.

    Similarly, if he picks the whistle, you ask him to look
    carefully at the ribbon to which the whistle is tied. Written clearly along it
    are the words "Ha ha, I knew you'd pick the whistle! Don't underestimate
    me. " Again, he would only see these words when his attention is drawn to
    them - after he has picked the item.

    If you happen to have a Dictaphone in your drawer a nice
    variation is to have a message pre-recorded... "Ha ha, I knew you'd pick
    the Dictaphone..."

    (Note: this trick is quite adaptable, and also works with
    children not called Daniel.)
    That's one of a stack of magic tricks in our lesson improvement pack
    'Needs Focused
    ' - some involving props and some more geared towards
    mind-reading but all are great for getting attention and many are
    adaptable to different subject content.There are more on our blog at

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