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USB memory stick project

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by kittylew, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all, Our dept is thinking of doing the USB memory stick project next term. I am just wondering if there is a cheaper place to bulk buy the uncased USB sticks (other than mindset!!). Also if any one would like to share their SOW or booklets, I would be very grateful!



    Email welshkates@gmail.com
  2. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Why is everyone so insistant that they have to buy "uncased" memory sticks???
    Its a load cheaper to bulk buy a load of cheap memory sticks (our IT technicians get them for less than £2 each) surely it wouldn't take much for your technician (or even a kid on detention) to smash the crappy plastic casing off them???????


  3. I'm new to this project so i'm a little clueless at the minute! But I will look into buying cheap memory sticks....money is tight, so defo an option[​IMG]
    Do you have any workbooks for this project??
  4. Maybe you could build them taking them apart into the project - I made lots of USB related objects as part of my degree collection, and finding out how the original casing went together made it LOTS easier to design the new casings. Call it a disassembly or part of the original product analysis, and then every child takes it apart themselves, bingo, time saved!

    Easiest way I found to do it was to clamp the USB and then use a flat screwdriver to prise the casing open :)
  5. Hi, are you intending on using a laser cutter - if so you can make the lid section a friction fit.
    Our enterprise students do it this way and it works a treat. It takes a little trial and error to get the dimensions just so.

  6. Yes I will be using a laser cutter- but whats a friction fit?!! (I'm sound very dull now!!) Also what type of adhesive do u use when assemble the USB shell to the acrylic?!
  7. Hi
    Just wondering if it possible to havea copy of the SOW?
    We have a laser cutter and I was planning to do the USB case with all of my year groups as an introduction to CADCAM.

  8. Hi there, i am looking into the idea of doing the memory stick project but needs some paper work.Do you have any that you can share?If so my email address is swill.75@hotmail.com.
  9. Same here, much appreciated!
  10. aslondon

    aslondon New commenter

  11. Me too please !!.. many thanks[​IMG]
  12. I've just been searching for the same. A google search for 'uncased usb memory stick' seems to through up some suppliers.

    It also seems that the manufacturers of memory sticks are moving to a COB (chip on board) model where there is no separate casing.

    We are hoping to offer one off 3D Printed surrounds as part of our 3D printing service.
  13. Would be grateful if I could also grab some of the resources for the USB project.


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