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USB Keyboard - PC

Discussion in 'Music' started by cmf, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. cmf


    I have huge class sizes and limited keyboards, however, I do have a few PC's with USB keyboards. Is there a way I can use these just as keyboards. I have Sibelius but do not know how to just play the keyboard without it recording. I have tried to Kontak player on Sibelius but cannot get it working.m Basically, I just want to save spending more money for more keyboards when I dont even have the space or the budget. Thanks in advance. Oh It will need to be an idiots guide!!
  2. If your keyboards have sounds built in then you can use them independenlty of your PC. However, if your keyboards are controllers only and have no sounds built in then you cannot use them without a separate sound source. Alternatively, you can use the sounds that are availabe in your PC, presumably a MIDI GM set at least. Without knowing your set up I;d guess if you are using MIDI sounds that need to change your MIDI thru settings too.

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