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US experience w/out QTS, seeking opportunities rest of the world

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by fedpad, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. fedpad

    fedpad New commenter

    Hello everybody!

    From my very particular situation, I want to make a call for any advice that both international and UK based teachers may desire to provide.

    I was a teaching assistant (part-time) during 3 years in the history department of an American university. When I finished my program of study (M.A.), I accepted a position as Gifted and Talented Education teacher where I serviced three schools (elementary, middle, and high school). After 1 year, I secured employment as 5th grade Spanish immersion teacher but I was forced to renounce before the beginning of the school year due to the impossibility of changing my immigration status.

    Now I am looking for teaching opportunities anywhere else in the world. I am particularly interested in working within the EU, since I have a Spanish passport. The main issue, however, is that I don't have QTS. In the US, each state has a different system but, generally speaking, individuals without a teaching degree or experience can teach and obtain QTS on the job after meeting certain criteria. These alternative paths are similar to the School Direct salaried option in the UK. Since I was only able to work for 1 year as secondary teacher, I have not completed all the requirements to be fully qualified.

    Taking into consideration that I have a family and that I need a paying job as soon as possible that, hopefully, advances my career, can I realistically speaking obtain a job without a PGCE or QTS? Should I apply for School Direct programmes in England and Wales? If so, I would need to pass an English "GCSE equivalency test" before applying to those programmes, and I don't feel too confident about my Maths skills (my undergraduate and both of my graduate degrees are in history). Or are there other alternatives, besides taking a year off to study a PGCE?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. delphine86

    delphine86 New commenter

    PGCE more or less a blanket requirement now, schools direct could be great if you can get a salaried one especially but there are bursaries available depending on subject, not sure about citizenship requirements though? I was in same position coming over from France although am English by birth. PGCE will be good for you despite it being a pain to “go back” as you have tons of experience but the UK system is very different. Try ringing gov.uk teaching helpline for advice. Good luck!
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  3. delphine86

    delphine86 New commenter

    PS don’t worry about the maths test - it’s dead easy! I have not done maths since the age of 15 and it was fine!
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  4. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    You don't need a PGCE or QTS to work in an independent, academy or free school. You DO need knowledge of GCSEs, A levels or IB. You DO need to better understand the UK educational system if you want to work here.

    It depends on your subject and whether a school will take a gamble on you. I'm American without a PGCE but a PhD and studied at Oxford, but my field is very niche (Classics) and have pretty good exam results as well. I also work in an independent school.

    It's tricky but doable.
  5. teachagain20153

    teachagain20153 New commenter

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  6. fedpad

    fedpad New commenter

    Thanks! I
  7. fedpad

    fedpad New commenter

    Yes, I did explore that option. Since I am not "fully qualified" (I got 1 temporary teaching license that expires this month, and 2 others contingent upon employment which I was not able to secure it because of my immigration status). It would have been very nice!
  8. fedpad

    fedpad New commenter

    Thanks! I am going to try the School Direct option and see if I get accepted. Is there any place (besides TES) where I can find independent schools with job openings? I am definitely not familiar with the UK system so I felt that I wasn't going to be an attractive candidate for this type of schools. Maybe I am just selling myself short.
  9. fedpad

    fedpad New commenter

    Thank you! I used their chat service and I got some questions answered. There are quite a few places in England (especially in the South East region) that are opened for history positions in School Direct salaried programmes. I am trying to decide which 3 programmes I should choose in my UCAS application.
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