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Urgently need help finding the EP English Extension Papers

Discussion in 'English' started by IanB7, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. I'm starting a separate topic to make sure there is adequate room for discussion. I've managed to find the optional tests for my year 8 class, but I still urgently need to find the EP papers for my high ability year 9 class. If anyone knows where to get one of these EP past papers, or has one- please reply at the earliest of your convenience.
  2. I'm still trying to find the paper. If anyone knows where to get it- please reply asap!
  3. If my memory serves me correctly, the old EP paper for the end of KS3 NCTs was discontinued back in 1999 and I'm not aware of anything else since. Of course, I haven't taught a top set English group that would need EP stuff for over ten years.
  4. Thanks, but I thought they were available until 2003. I have a few maths EP papers somewhere, but all I remember is a question on ellipses. If anyone has a paper for english, I'd appreciate a speedy reply.

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