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Urgent-What can we do for the summer break-NO WORK!!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by madenglishgirl, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

    Bar work? Tutoring? Sing on as well and then you can work your 16 hours a week and still get job seekers [​IMG]
  2. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    You can sign on for JSA, bear in mind that supply work might not pick up until mid/late September. You MUST make clear to the civil servant dealing with your claim that you are looking for a regular post and only doing supply until then. If you are a "career" supply teacher and intend to return to supply teaching in the new term then technically you are not looking for another job and not eligible for the benefit. They regard the long break as part of the job and your choice to do that??? I believe that many other term only paid staff; ie; techs, admin and TAs are in the same situiation. It takes a while to get any money and there isn't much of it. I only did it to get reduced fees on a part time college course I wanted to do.
    You might find some other temp work for the Summer (and early part of Autumn term) if you are lucky. But its always been thin on the ground because there are many university students doing the same. I've only managed this once in 14 years, and enjoyed so much I carried on with it until November.
    Not so long ago when supply was plentiful and well paid you could put aside enough money for the holiday in the confidence there would be work in September and enjoy the Summer. Will those days return or is it time to move on?
  3. jj80

    jj80 New commenter

    ooh....thanks for the info!! When would it be best toapply for JSA...the last week of school..or week after? And is it true that you get paid every 2 weeks?

    And to answer that last question....ive been thinking its time to move on from supply teaching...and quite possibly teaching in general. Such a shame but Im a bit fed up with all this!! Maybe I will *gulp* move back to the states! [​IMG]
  4. Not true, and more complex than that.
    You can sign, on and any work you do, you will need to declare. Any benefits paid will be offset by any work you do. Or chased down at a later date by Debt recovery (DWP). (I may add I declare all work and provide all paperwork on time)
    However, when you do casual low paid work it triggers a nightmare of paperwok with Council Tax (in my case) and probably with housing benefit if you are on it, and any other benefits you may be on.
    But sign on, and MARK MY WORDS, KEEP GOOD RECORDS! I had debt recovery (THIS YEAR on my back regarding a debt recovery payment I made in 2008!
    I had paid it in full back in 2008, i had to fight and phone and fight and phone.
    Also avoid any superficial responses from CS's regarding JSA on here!
  5. jj80

    jj80 New commenter

    this may be off topic...but my boyfriend and I were awarded a housing allowance last month and i was told to bring in my payslips everyweek. I did that and now we recieved a letter saying how we owe money and we dont get a council tax benefit because my pay has changed! And we all know with supply every week is not the same...and not to mention the 6 weeks in summer with no pay. I know im supposed to turn in the payslips, but a part of me doesnt want to now!!
  6. I do not think it is off topic. Any casual ad hoc work be it low paid or OK paid (supply teaching) work has to be declared.
    The conseqence of declaring work is a paperwork nightmare. However it has to be done. The only thing anyone can do is keep good records.
    For those who want to critisise us supply teachers for talking about benefits all the time. Well the problem comes up when we work (wether low paid or OK paid)
    It is not that we do not want to work, it is when we work that hassle crops up.
    Keep good records as benefit recovery will be on your back.
  7. girlychemist

    girlychemist New commenter

    First things first. Sign on the first working day after you finish work. They will only pay from the day you sign and will question any gap.

    Good luck!
  8. Still looking-very difficult actually, camps full.....exams over....what else can we do??
  9. crusell

    crusell New commenter

    Do care work, again agency, adults with learning disabilities, the only thing is they like 5 years worth of references, BSSocial care and Hays did for me, smaller agencies might be easier, so by the time your sorted- the summer holiday will be over, but you'll be lined up for the rest of the year, only thing there's not a huge amount of work out there either unless you get lucky.
  10. Some ideas on this thread:


    An alternative link for EAC vacancies:


    (sorry for lack of paragraphs/live links - am using Chrome)
  11. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Making stuff and selling it, buying and selling collectables, car boot sales, eBay selling, freelance writing, signing up as a secret shopper, to name but a few.
  12. supplybychoice

    supplybychoice New commenter

    The problem is how do you know when your last day is ?

    I worked on Friday but I have no work booked for the next 2 weeks. Do I ring the DSS today or do I wait a few more days?
  13. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Bar work involves being paid at the end of that week or the end of the next. You would then have to declare those earnings at the jobcentre and it would reduce your JSA or cancel it for that week.
    If you can find work that pays you at the end of the month, or the end of the following month, you can work 15 hrs 59 minutes or under (do not count unpaid breaks) and get your full JSA until the first pay day. You might be signing off just before the pay day and the pay won't then affect your JSA and won't be counted if you later sign back on.
    If work reaches16 hours or more in YOUR designated benefit Week, you sign off and then sign back on when work hours decrease.
    If you do not have a partner or one who works under 24 hrs per week and your savings are below 8K, you can apply for JSA Income BASED (Means tested) and get housing benefit/mortgage interest help ard council tax relief + free NHS services.
    Otherwise you apply for JSA Contributory based on your past NI record., let them assess you for all of them and they'll tell you. Do not answerYES to the question "Do you just want to apply for NI credits?" Say No, you want to be assessed for JSA too!
    Do not call yourself a supply teacher as that creates issues in some areas. You are an unemployed teacher who has been taking temporary p/t teaching in the absence of a permanent post.
    If unsure which JSA you can get

  14. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Unfortuantly I suspect that you will have to wait until the end of the term . In the eyes of the Benefits office there is still potential supply work around until then and to stop being available now would be voluntarily unemployed and so not eligible for benefits.
    You could try and argue your case that there is unlikely to be anything now until September but remember that Civil Servants, like Ofsted Inspectors, are rigidly bound to their "tick boxes" systems and these cannot cope with anything that doesn't fit. (I know because once worked in the Civil Service, not Ofsted I hasten to add).
    You will not get anything for the first three days so to get maximum benefit you could try signing on three days before the last day of term and claim "truthfully" that normal timetables have been suspended now along with that the chances of any work.

  15. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    That's not tue!
    You qualify for JSA if you are looking for f/t work and are available for f/t work.
    If you are working 16 hours or week or more you can't yet make a claim but as soon as your work dries up or reduces below 16 hours, you CAN sign on.
    When signing on, especially if for Income BAsed JSA where you get rent paid and Council Tax, it cn be in your interests NOT to take random supply work, even if available, as it can impact on your benefits and mess up claims.
    There is no obligation to take p/t work. That is a choice for any claimant and they cannot make you apply for p/t work or take it..
    Teachers who do take whatever work is on offer CAN claim during term-time as well as in holiday periods.
    If you think your supply work has dried up, sign on on the first work day without a booking. Serve the 3 waiting days and then declareany pay received for previous work if claiming Income Based JSA.
    If only claiming Contributory JSA, you only declare pay received for p/t work done during your claim.
    I too worked for the Civil Service (in a Jobcentre).
  16. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Yes and thanks for jogging my rusty memory, I remember now (it was about 8 years ago). When restarting work in September I was able to stay signed on provided I did no more then 16 hours (ie 2 days). I didn't get any money but could still keep other non-cash benefits.
    I was being a bit cheeky about the Civil Service "tick box" systems since they even allowed me to remain signed on on the odd occasion I exceeded 16 hours if this was a "one off" but once this became more regular, around October, I had to sign off. They even bent the rules slighty another time allowing me to take a free ECDL during the school summer holidays even thought they were meant to be reserved for the longer term unemployed.
    My experience is based on "after" the long summer break when you have had an enforced absense from work and not "before" the break when its hard to predict when your work will stop.
    I did always find the benefits staff very helpful in most matters, provided I wasn't too cheeky at the time. (Incidently I'm currently applying for a Civil Service post)
  17. Sewerrat

    Sewerrat New commenter

    If I sign on for JSA over the summer holiday do I have to provide them with a P45 from my agencies? Do I have to let the agencies know that I am signing on? Hopefully it would not mean having to reregister with the agencies later on. Any done this before?

  18. There is no obligation to take p/t work. That is a choice for any
    claimant and they cannot make you apply for p/t work or take it..
    Teachers who do take whatever work is on offer CAN claim during term-time as well as in holiday periods.

    E.g. So if I were to go down to the job centre and they said there's a job in company etc as a receptionist (f-t/p-t or temporary, I'm looking for any of these) and upon reading through the job spec, I feel that I can't do the job, can I refuse the job or would that be enough to stop my benefits?
    The reason why I asked is because one of the reasons why I left my last teaching job is because it was starting to affect my emotional health (I don't want to say too much about this on a public forum) and I want to be more careful about where I work next, as I don't want to be ill again, as it would render everything I've done to recover totally useless!
  19. I was told I could be choosy about jobs fir 3 months and then it would be revised. I am in next week for my revised interview. I put teaching as my job search as well as project management and admin at a certain salary level. They said after 3 months of job searching I will have tovwuden my search for minimum wage jobs. To be fair I have applied for those too but get rejected. As long as you complete your diary saying where you looked and what if anything you applied for you will be ok. They can't force you to apply or take jobs, not even sure they check you apply fir what you say you have.

    I was made redundant from a non teaching job in march and have signed on since then whilst doing supply . my references were held up and I didn't actually get work til after half term. I have had less than 16 hrs per week so still signing on but will lose jsa. There us a discrepancy about how many hours a day is on supply too. I have been putting 6 hrs and 3 for half days but if I was to get 3 days one week I may put 5 hrs per day so I don't get told to sign off. Primary schools often run a 2 hr afternoon or 2.5 hr max and a 3 hr morning. If you were in 2 different schools they would be separate!

    Watch our for when you declare. No one can agree whether your benefit is stopped the the fortnight following your work or when you actually get paid. Eg I worked June, declared but after 2 wk work I declared and following week jsa not paid, same following fortnight. Didn't get paid til today so jobcentre reckon I can live on nothing. I enquirer and got different tales that it is withal when you work, if so why bother, and it is witheld when you get paid. Suddenly I got 4 weeks jsa paid this week, clearly a mess up. I now expect to have next 4 weeks stopped as I have now been paid.
  20. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You don't need a P45

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