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URGENT! Referee login problem

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by rugby12, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hi there,

    I was hoping someone could give some assistance regarding a PGCE application.

    My wife is applying for the primary course in 2012. We are currently in New Zealand and return to the UK in January.
    She has completed her side of the application 2 weeks ago and is waiting on her reference from the deputy principal at the school she is currently assisting in (she graduated over five years ago).

    However, he is unable to login in! We have had new login details sent and he still can't get access the page to input his reference. This is turning into a major headache and could ruin her chances of getting on a course. Does anyone have any ideas why he wouldn't be able to login? He tried changing his security settings and no luck. Would being abroad have anything to do with it, even though my wife was fine accessing her side of the application?

    We will be ringing the GTTR Monday morning uk time but until then does anyone have ideas?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Apparently GTTR doesn't work very well with Google Chrome, this could be why?
  3. Found the answer on another forum. Posting it here if others have similar problem:

    "Did you click the 'send request' button more than once? Because I clicked it twice, thinking it hadn't worked the first time, and it meant that my referee couldn't log in, because the GTTR then generates 2 different log ins for one email address, and neither of them will allow access. You'll need to speak to GTTR, but in case they're no help, this is the email I got telling me how to get my referee logged in:

    I spoke to Dr C*** B*** regarding difficulties she is experiencing with trying to complete the online GTTR reference in support of your application. When you generated the new send reference request email this has not allowed her to continue and she gets a message access denied.

    To resolve this if you log back into Apply, go to the reference details save the email address for Dr B*** with a different email address; this will indicate that we are trying to contact a different email account. After you have saved the information with a different email address remove the details of your first referee and re enter the information with the correct email address. Save the section as complete, go back to the check form section and mark this section as complete. Go back to the reference section and then send reference request which will trigger a new email to go back to Dr B*** this time allowing them to continue."

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