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Urgent, Please help, am failing EAL Student

Discussion in 'English' started by thequillguy, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. thequillguy

    thequillguy New commenter

    At this stage I'd give them some cloze activities. Even copying. Something that he can do - imagine how bored he'd be simply sitting not accessing anything. Our EAL Hub says say that as long as the pupil can access 10 minutes of lesson, every lesson that's enough as a minimum.

    A useful tool to make cloze exercises can be downloaded at:http://www.teachers-pet.org/download.html

    Good luck, btw. Sounds like a class that you want to teach for behaviour, rather than for the curriculum right now.
  2. A bit hard to give advice without knowing how much English your pupil knows, and how able and how motivated your pupil is.
    When I first came to England in 1964 and wanted to learn English quickly, I used to read a bit in a book or newspaper, write down every word i did not know, until I had about 7 - 10, then stop and look them up in a monolingual English dictionary, translate them into German from their definition and then learn them.
    I kept this up every day for a few months and my English came on by leaps and bounds, but your pupil may not be so motivated.
    I had learned German much the same way a few years prior to coming to England.
  3. I use Google Translate for all my key instructions, so that my students are clued into the concepts.

    I then focus on key English vocabulary learning. e.g. how to give an opinion
    The biggest mistake that can be made is trying to teach him content, over and above words...

    Best of luck!

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