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Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by reader42, May 22, 2011.

  1. reader42

    reader42 New commenter

    Thank you Socrates Sister. It is worth saying that the first NATRE survey has been quoted in the press, on radio, in the and in parliamentary debate - so it was really worth doing. This new survey is just as important because we know the situation has become worse for many of our colleagues, some have been told they will teach other subjects next year and some have even been made redundant. Sadly, anecdotes rarely convinces politicians, EVIDENCE is what we need!
  2. matryoshkadoll

    matryoshkadoll Occasional commenter

    Survey done and dusted!! Only took a couple of minutes. Everyone must have 3-4 minutes to spare!!
  3. Took a couple of minutes - worth it to stop the subject's rapid demise.
    Also - if you think the non-examined KS4 RE is inadequate in your school - could you clearly explain in the comments at the end what it consists of (I believe this is a fault with the survey). i.e. is it a rigorous lesson taught by RE specialists or is it a half-hour chat once a week in form time with the form teacher (non-specialist) who may be ambivalent or even antagonistic towards the subject, This is a fault - I think - in the survey,
    The Govt. seems to be working in the erroneuous belief that statutory non-examined RE is sufficiently rigorous.
  4. pete14

    pete14 New commenter

    Unfortunately, those of us working in the RE field who support the aims of NATRE survey but do not currently teach in a school cannot answer the required questions so our support is not being registered. Is there any way around this?
  5. I have just completed the survey. It took less than 3 minutes.
    This is a great opportunity to report on what we know is happening to RE in schools up and down the country.
    Please do urge all your contacts to fill it in!

  6. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    This is really great - but what about the other 2/3?

    Would it be possible for everyone who has responded to contact the other schools/RE depts in their area and ask if they have done it too? And do remember the Colleges of FE etc as they are also finding RE under pressure.
  7. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Good idea given to contact NATRE - but also contact all the local schools and Colleges RE departments in your area and urge them to complete the survey.
  8. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Just done another hour on this. I am mainly using the website -
    WPR - www.parliamentaryrecord.com/content/.../mp/Stephen-Barclay/.../777 - Cached
    I put the name of the MP into Google plus the word MP and Contact. That shows a range of sites, so I look for the above one. It opens with a standard page which includes a photo and biographical details. There is a menu along the top and on the left hand side is one which reads -

    Contact and Notes

    Clicking on this opens up another table which has details - for example

    Mr. Stephen Barclay MP

    Westminster Address: Stephen Barclay MP

    House of Commons


    SW1A 0AA

    Tel: 020 7219 7117


    Personal Email: stephen.barclay.mp@parliament.uk

    Constituency Office: South Fens Business Park

    Fenton Way



    PE16 6TT

    Constituency Office Tel: 01354 692015

    Constituency Office Fax:

    So I highlight all this and copy it. Then, back on my table (which is on Word, (probably not the best programme to use but the only one I am really familiar with) I go to edit and 'paste special' choose unformatted text, Highlight all the information which appears and reduce to size 8 font, hightlight the email and increase to size 10 font, go to FONT and change the colour of the email to blue, then go through the addresses to close up gaps and generally tighten up the layout. Then save it and go to the next name.

    I may not be able to do this for all 500 or so MP's in time for contacting them about the English Bacc. So if anyone has a particular region or MP you would like me to prioritise, do let me know. I will try to do an hour a day over the half term holiday but will be away for part of the time so it may not be possible. I guess I just have to be happy I can send some.

    Does anyone have a list of the MP's who have signed the Early Day Motion - as they are not such a priority.

    Thanks DMC
  9. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Hi guys,
    Just completed the MP contacts for B. I can do about 25 contact details in an hour - which means it's slow going. I'll upload those with surnames A and B as one file and so on as I get them done.

    I deliberately didn't add my email to the letter I sent in case the MP's didn't want to read a letter from a different constituency - I guess they have enough 'problems' with their own constituents - and the replies received so far show that this is an issue
    these include

    .....Thank you for your email.

    Due to strict Parliamentary protocol, Hazel is only able to take up casework on behalf of residents in her constituency.

    Is it possible to provide your postcode and full postal address?

    Very best wishes,

    Office of the Rt. Hon. Hazel Blears MP




    Thank you for your email, which has been safely received, and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

    If you are a constituent, please ensure you have included your full name, address, postcode and telephone number in all correspondence - as Parliamentary rules prevent an MP dealing with enquiries from another MP?s constituents.

    This is not surprising but I don't think it means we shouldn't try emailing all the MPs. It's not so important to receive individual replies - but more just to increase everyone's awareness of the RE position and its urgency as the time of decision-making approaches.

    When I have collected together all the contacts - which even at the fastest rate so far of about 30 an hour - and if I do an hour a day will take a couple of weeks - I will start contacting people who may be sympathetic - churches, mosques etc - in each area and asking if they would like to edit my letter and send it from their address - which will have the right postcode.

    This process may not be fast enough to reach MPs before the RE decision is made. So does anyone else have any bright ideas of how we can make our voices heard in a more effective way?

    Happy half term,

  10. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    sorry, I mean post code -
  11. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Emails for British MPs

    I have now collected all the contacts for MPs with surnames beginning A to C - which is over 150 emails!

    I have uploaded an updated list of these emails for MPs A ? C and have sent my letter about RE and the English Baccalaureate to all of these. A few have been returned because the email doesn?t work and several PA?s have requested clarification of my post-code, stating that the MP only answers questions relating to constituents.

    I don?t think it matters if some don?t work ? because most do. I don?t think it matters if any PA?s ask for post code because just the fact that they have received it will have had some impact. It will have raised the profile of this matter in a small way. Added to other contacts they receive on this matter, it will help.

    I send my emails to the new contacts each time I spend some time collecting them. When I have completed the list I will go through and revise any emails which don?t work.

    For some MP?s who I really want to ensure know about the English Bacc I have located one or two churches in the constituency and spoken to them on the phone, then ? when I find someone who agrees - I email my letter to them so they can adapt and personalise it, and send to the MP on my behalf - so that it arrives with a ?kosher? post-code.

    I am also emailing my letter to family and friends who live in different parts of the country, asking them if they will send it to their MPs.

    There is still time to contact our MPs before the decision is made ? but it will be decided very soon. I urge everyone to do something ? whatever we can ? even if we have done something before ? as this decision is likely to have a huge impact on the future of RE and the time of the debate/review is imminent.

    All the best DMC

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