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urgent help please edexcel gcse controlled assessment

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by slimmerwithin, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. I am an NQT who is currently working for supply in a school where the current teacher is off sick. It is a small school and I am the only teacher. i have to do the controlled assessment with the students in three weeks time and I have no idea what I am doing. I have looked at the questions and I am struggling how i am going to get them to understand what to do. Some of the questions seem really difficult to do much primary research = what is the most important reason why the owner started the business you have chosen.
    I just dont know where to start really, and all though I am only temp it is my first job and want to get a job afterwards (especially if this teacher doesnt come back). Does anyone have any information at all that they used to do their controlled assessment, powerpoints, activities etc. to get them used to the skills they will need and structure their way through it. i have also been told that they have to do all the research themselves, find a business themselves and i cannot help them in their choice of questions. i am tearing my hair out. Please help.!!
    If you have anything please can you email it to busstudteacher@gmail.com
  2. If you look on the Edexcel website, somewhere there's a sample of the student guide, which has a useful extra bit of guidance on each assignment.

    Personally I started by getting them to work in groups to identify what research they would need to do on each of the specimen CA tasks (these are very similar to the real tasks so this gives them a good idea of the types of research that are possible). I did a starter where I gave them various bits of information and they had to select what was relevant for which task as well.

    I did one lesson on each of the assessment objectives. For the analysis one they really enjoyed this: I put them in groups again and gave them an interesting topic to debate - where they had to decide "What was the main reason why...." various things in the news, such as.... England lost in the world cup.... someone or other didn't win X Factor.... then pointed out that what they had been doing was analysis.

    We did a marking exercise on the sample materials provided on the site in one lesson.

    I'm not sure that it's true that you can't help them in their choice of question. You're right about that particular task, but if you look at the guidance you will see that they don't actually expect an awful lot of primary research for that one.

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