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Urgent help needed please!

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by samtheman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Just before we broke up for Easter, I was asked by my HT if he could have a "quick word." Upshot of this is I ,and a colleague of similar age, status and experience, are being put on an 8 week Intensive Support Plan. (The threat of Capability Procedures starting in September have also been suggested).
    A meeting to discuss the Support was supposed to take place just before the hols but due to lack of notice given , the Union was not able to get someone to come in to said meeting so it has been rescheduled for tomorrow.
    I do not know what I am doing wrong / not doing to warrant this - all PMs have been "Satisfactory " with aspects of "Good" or |" Good" until this new HT took over in Sept . In Nov my first PM was "Satisfactory with aspects of Good" but my most recent in Feb was "Satisfactory with a couple of areas of Inadequacy" ( although on the grid used for scoring / feedback ALL aspects were Satisfactory " and some were also "Inadequate".)
    I have been asked by my Union rep why this particular HT was ever appointed by the Govs as he has a history of bullying/ intimidation / harassment ( all the more galling as I am a Gov and was partly responsible for appointing him!) . I am awaiting clarification as to exactly what history this HT has and why it was not disclosed by the LEA at interview ( we were told there was nothing we needed to be aware of).
    Anyway , what should I expect tomorrow - I can not get hold of my Union rep - but he is definitely coming in for the meeting. Will anyone else be there? Do I need to agree to what is being said or can I have time to read and check things over - my 8 week support plan is identical to my colleagues!
    Please help - I have spent the entire fortnight in tears - and if I could afford to walk away I would - but why should I?

  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Firstly - Try not to upset yourself over this or blow it out of proportion - No one is going to take you outside and shoot you :p I would imagine that the meeting will be a procedural affair that sets out the reasons for the support plan being put in place - It is positive to hear that your school, for whatever their reason, are entering into supporting you rather than launching into capability; the areas identified where your teaching observations have met 'inadequate' should give you a clear idea of where you are going 'wrong', though I don't think it's a case of wrong, more a case of sharpening the teaching pencil. I can't answer who will be there - Your union rep will be there so that's good - You will have time to check things over Secondly - What I will say is that your union rep should not be entering into any personal slander attacks on the head teacher of your school, and I would urge you to shun such retaliative 'gossip' or, dare I say it, bullying by bad mouthing! - It thoroughly undermines their professional capacity as a representative of a union and is simply irrelevant to your case in time. I hear all too often of cases where teachers may have had difficult or challenging times in a school, even leaving under compromise agreements and so forth and I am an avid believer in everyone being allowed to leave their 'history' or past at the door of a new start - The gossip and speculation of this head teachers 'history' is not a retaliative knee jerk worth using energy on.
  3. Thank you - but it was the Regional Rep who first mentioned the previous history as he had been dirctly involved in a case of unfair dismissal that went against the HT. It is the Local Rep who will be sitting in. The main reason I mentioned this , and have said nothing to any of my colleagues or fellow govs, is that from Day One this HT has come in bragging about staff he has previously put on Capability and sacked , has shouted , belittled and generally told everyone in school they are "****!!" This behaviour did not tally with the person who applied , was interviewed and was appointed to the post last year!

  4. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    That is nothing unique and true of many who perform well and sustain an act through interview head teacher or main scale, and only represents an opinion... I would distance yourself from such issues. Best of luck for the meeting tomorrow - Let us know how the plan looks and whether you feel it will prove supportive.
  5. Well such conduct by the HT may not be unique, but it doesn't make it reasonable nor professional.
    I suggest you record and document everything this HT does that affects you. Date, incident, witnesses and comments. It sounds it wont be long before you have a decent case against the HT or sufficient ammunition to counter any unfair attacks on you.
    Are the colleagues also in the same union?
  6. Did you know satisfactory isn't satisfactory any more? It sounds like the other colleagues have also received satisfactory and that's why they've been put on the support plan.

    I would be worried about bullying though, if this head has a history of it, they could use this as a starting point to start capability proceedings. I wrote an advice guide for teachers who are at risk of being targeted but are still in the early stages of it, What To Do If You?re Unhappy With Your Working Conditions

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