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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by rubeechooseday, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. I had a meeting with my PAT tutor today in respect of my failing my last block placement. She claims that in a telephone conversation 2 weeks ago that she told me that I needed to submit an Extenuating Circumstances Form in order to be able to re-sit the placement before the last day of my placement. I remember the telephone conversation but do not remember her telling me this - i am still in shock - I was quite distressed and angry during the telephone conversation but I know I would have made a note of something so important. The problem is my teacher has made notes about what transpired during the conversation and is admant that she told me. But in all honesty I do not remember this at that time or recall it now. I will not be able to re-sit the course. My student union rep is not available and I feel like it is the end of my world.... can anyone please help me as a matter of urgency.
  2. You need to look at the university handbook and procedures to see if it is part of the university policy. If it is then you would be deemed to have been told as it is inthe handbook which you should have had at the start of the course. In any instance where there is a fail, most universities will offer the chance of a retrieval - a resit, for any failed element, again look at the university regulations on this.
    It will be an exam board decision normally that determines what can and cannot happen. So talk to your tutor about the board, what recommendation is to be mnade and if you are able to submit a statement fopr consideration (this will, again depend on the university regulations). Also ask about appeals, you cannot normally appeal an academic judgement/decision, but if a process has not been followed then there may be the opportunityu for an appeal.

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