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Urgent help needed for PSRN activity for FS1 interview

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by zulwoo, May 21, 2011.

  1. Hi!
    I have an interview on Tuesday and have to do a 20-25 minute, whole class teaching activity with a nursery class with a PSRN focus (Numbers as labels and for counting or calculating).
    Was thinking of dropping coins in a box for children to count as a quick mental starter, having children order numbers on a number line and then playing a bingo type game by holding numbers up and children finding correct one on their own individual sheet and then ending with a number song.
    Not sure if this is creative or interesting enough for an interview though and don't know whether the interviewers will be looking for children to move from carpet to table as they would in a normal lesson?
    Any comments on this or suggestions for an activity would be appreciated.

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  2. 25 minutes whole class activity for nursery!!!! That is a very very long time!!! I wouldn't have them sat on the carpet for more than 5 minutes at that age!!!

    The quick counting to start and the number song both sound really good.

    Could you do something really practical in the middle. Children pick a number card then have to make a playdough ladybird with that number of spots? Number hunt around the outside area (hide little cards with numbers on that they have to find)? Playing with dice, counting the number of spots and picking the matching number card?

    I would def not keep them sat on the carpet the whole time!!! Their behaviour and attention would very quickly drop!

    Best of luck!
  3. I was a FS cordinator and I would be looking for a very active input that showed a good understanding of the needs of young children. 20-25 mins whole class is inappropriate. perhaps you could do something outside intitially with the whole class and then work with a group on a number hunt.
    Is the set up of the school really formal? If they insist on the wholoe class doing maths at once I would still keep input short and give them all something active to do outside-games, chalking numbers, bags or baskets with numbers on to go collecting different objects to match their number.
  4. Thank you! Both of these replies have been really helpful and have given me some good ideas.
    Think the school is quite formal and with them saying a whole class activity I'm unsure whether they'd want me working with just one group, isn't very clear at all! Think I'm going to go with what everyone has been saying along with my gut instinct and do five minutes or so on the carpet and then move to tables and then do a plenary at the end.

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