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Urgent Help needed Food Tec!!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by saraclayton, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Help[​IMG],
    Please does anyone have a copy of the FSA video Bad Food Live! on dvd that they could copy and send to me or even better rip and zip - i'll willingly pay costs!![​IMG]

    We have had our computer system rebuilt over the summer and they have manage to "lose" my copy which was on the school VLE, I have a hard copy but it is on a VHS and I don't have a player or tv anymore! I need this for my Y7 food lessons starting next week, I got all organised and printed the booklet for the whole of year 7 before the holidays only to find today that the big chunk for the video is now useless and the only other thing I have isn'tas kid friendly as this film. I have spoken to the FSA and they only have bacteria bites now which I use with Y8 and isn't as good anyway!

    I would love you for ever if you could help me out - (grovel grovel batting of eye lides etc etc).

    Thank you so much in advance of anyone that can help

  2. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    You can copy VHS to DVD, scream, shout and kick up a fuss to make sure that the geeks do it for you. ot find your copy!
  3. Thanks for that I've spoken to out geeky guys but apparently we don't have the "power" which I think means they don't know!!!
    so anyone out there that can help me with a digital version I would still be eternally greatful!!!
  4. Sounds like a good video. Would not mind a copy if you do succeed in getting hold of it.

  5. gandy

    gandy New commenter

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