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Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by gilks1984, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. CrowBob is also really good at using the quote feature will their talents never cease [​IMG] or maybe it is just practice. Might stick around I might learn how to cut and paste!
  2. I think you'll find bullies generally don't recognise themselves as such. I realise you are very secure in your opinion but to quote a well known phrase- opinions are like ***...we all have them!
    As I have just said to my 9 yr old, you are just embarrassing yourself now.
    What a lovely introduction to the TES 'community'!
    End of chat.
  3. Kez, get with the programme. Cut and paste is SIMPLES - just like CrowBob.
  4. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    I do it because I find that isolating the relevant parts of the posts into smaller chunks makes it easier for me to respond to the issues raised.
    This is a loaded statement. I have no way to respond to it.
    Yet I am the one accused of being offensive...

  5. Crowbob isn't being a bully, he is expressing frustration at the situation and explaining why. I for one agree with him. I'm a HOD, I know my courses, specs, subject area and exam boards inside out. I also expect my staff to know their stuff, if they're confused about anything they come to me. I'm there to support and guide them and to lead by example, it's one of the reasons you have the title (and the pay to go with it).

    The exams are not rocket science and while I appreciate there is human error in everything this mistake is unnecessary. You can be as sympathetic as you like but it doesn't mean this situation wasn't avoidable. Either the OP should have done their research more thoroughly, they should know their subject area better or the school is at fault for putting someone in this position in the first place when they simply don't have the experience to do the job effectively.

    I'm also assuming this wasn't a voluntary position or charity work. If you step into a job and accept the pay cheque you should be competent in what you do, end of. If you can't do that, let someone else who can step in and stop taking the money for it. If you were going for brain surgery and the surgeon didn't do the job properly because he didn't have time to read up on the procedure/had too much pressure from his boss/had too much paperwork etc. I doubt if you would consider his excuses as valid.
  6. Henry I couldn't have said it better myself.
    I am appalled that a fellow teacher could respond to someone like this and feel sorry for the students he teaches if this is the approach he takes. Gilks, sorry if I've got your name wrong, please don't let bullies like this put you off teaching. If you look at comments on all units, many experienced teachers have also 'misinterpreted' the spec, including me. I have re-read it again today and my moderators reports DO NOT correspond to what the spec actually says, or doesn't say, more to the point.
    If Crow is a teacher then he is a truly repugnant one...and hopefully not an examiner or moderator...but I wouldn't bet on it!

  7. I work with Kez Bratt - its called banter - don't just assume things...oh I forgot, your CrowBob.
  8. He expects teachers to know what they're doing for a job they're paid to do. I'd much prefer Crowbob to be in charge of teaching a class than someone who doesn't know their own exam spec. Having a decent floor level of expectation is not being a bully. The students in question here have suffered at the hand of an incompetent teacher. What about for those whose entrance to FE will now be affected?

    For what it's worth, I think the school has behaved irresponsibly. I have no idea why someone in their second year of teaching was put in this position but they did accept the role.
  9. I can't believe this is still going. Let it lie now. It's all been said - many times.
    We haven't had a thread like this on here in years!
  10. Incompetent!?!?! Thats horrific and I think a step too far. Although I agree that you want a teacher that knows you he/she is doing I still stand by the fact that we are all human. The OP clearly feels bad for the students. That is clear. Calling him/her incompetent is extremely harsh and you have probably just knocked their confidence further. I don't think you can say that without knowing the full circumstances. He/she came on here for help not a massive kick in the teeth. He/she clearly feels very bad about this whole situation.
  11. Agree - how do we shut it down?
  12. The point is this person was asking for help and clarification.My unit 1 and 2s were, for the record, were good, but the moderator reports do not comply with the spec,
    We have all at some point been new HOD's and this spec has been a minefield for misinterpretation.
    My Unit 3s were terrible... students who got A in unit 1&2 getting Es for their practicals? Instead of attacking each other, perhaps we should be considering how to help and support each other in a subject area, and board, that is renowned for inconsistencies.
  13. Absolutely agree toffee. I just think that this discussion has become really unproductive and quite unpleasant and it needs to end now as it's going round in circles.
  14. Agreed. It has made me even sadder than I was...I'm off!
  15. What word would you use? What word do you think the parents of the children who complain and the HT will use when he/she has to take the rap for this situation? What word do you think the students that are a C grade short for their chosen progression route will use?

    Absolutely but this is not a human error situation. Even the OP recognises this is a massive mistake and that they have let the students down 'sooooooooooo much'. The moderator obviously clearly felt the same as the OP expressed that they 'basically ripped me apart saying I did everything wrong'.

    I also feel bad for the students. I'm not trying to be unpleasant I'm being realistic instead of my judgement being clouded by sympathy for a teacher that quite simply has not done her job properly. I don't know what word you want me to use. A definition of incompetent is 'Not having the necessary skills to do something successfully'. From the information the OP has given us this is the judgement I would make. More information may change that opinion.
  16. Yes the OP has made errors and has acknowledged them. Of course there is a problem here and no doubt some support needs to be put into place for OP if he/she continues next year. It is really common for NQTs to take on HoD roles in drama. It is common for NQTs to be the only teachers in the department and to not have regular advice and guidance. NQTs in drama often teach a heavier exam timetable than in subject with larger departments. It's not easy. The OP is in his/her 2nd year (I think) and is still relatively inexperienced - consider the fact that there are many experienced teachers on here today who have found the delivery of this spec challenging. This doesn't mean it's ok for him/er to have made errors which have caused low grades for his/her pupils. It just means that this has been acknowledged many times, he/she is clearly upset about it and I don't see the need to keep kicking someone when they're down. And I think that the tone that some have taken is plain rude and and provocative (whether they're right or not), which is why I feel that this conversation is now unproductive.
  17. Thank you to all for your comments, whether productive or not.
    I do think imcompetent is very harsh to desctribe what I was doing. I was given HoD by default. Didn't ask for it. I am the only in my department. Apart from a trainee who I was mentoring and he sailed through his training. I was also sorting out cover when teaacher left to go on maternity etc etc. I wasn't able to go on any training due to financial reasons. I was still in the legacy of the old 1699 Drama Spec from my NQT year (and in between this and that we changed to Expressive Arts GCSE then back to GCSE). The fact that my students all got C's and above and number of A*'s in their Unit 3 exams must surely demonstrate I wasn't totally useless as CrowBob and some others think I am. Considering I've taken all the responsibility without going on spec courses or any HoD courses, I think I've done well by going in head first. I can list a 100 things that I've done well this year including moving over to a new BTEC Drama course for Year 10 and I successfully negotiated a visit from an edexcel EV visit and we passed with flying colours.
    I've overlooked some things for Unit 1 but mainly Unit 2, yes and got things wrong yes. And the students have suffered yes.
    But again, like the students you can't expect people to know something they don't know exists! If I was given the neccessary information rather than "off you goo..." I'm sure I would have been fine.

    Again, I would like to thank EVERYONE for their comments including CrowBob and his "friends" for their comments. It has been interesting to see the opinions and support that has come my way.
    However, I would like to knock this whole post on the head and call it a day. I'm sure CrowBob and others would take pleasure in knowing that this "imcompetent" teacher will no longer be in education come 1st September,
    I wish everyone a great rest of their summer holidays and the best of luck with their new academic year. If ANYONE has any further comments please DO NOT post it on here but feel free to message me (Including you CrowBob - how about we go for a beer sometime?!).
    Many thanks.

  18. I'm quite good at joining conversations only to have them finish when I say something! So maybe I can help to close this thread. I've had good results this year after three years of inconsistency with Edexcel. I've been in the profession for more than twenty years, and this has been the worst year of my career. It's been a wake-up call, and I'm the first to acknowledge where I've gone wrong, to the extent that I've stepped down from being HOD.
    I have really appreciated the supportive comments from colleagues on this forum, it helps to know that I haven't been alone in feeling so low about the job. I am very sorry for those colleagues who had disappointing results, because I know the knock-on effects. Crunchynut, ArthurDent and others have said some really reassuring and helpful comments this year, and I'll be more interested in what you all have to say about Drama than others.
    Crowbob - aah bless.
  19. Glad to have been able to help poppy. I've also received a lot of support on here over the years and, more recently, last week with the AS results. I hope you're ok.
  20. I have had the same; the best year group for drama has achieved the worst results.
    Awful. Awful. Awful.
    Are you appealing?

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