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Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by gilks1984, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Not involved with Edexcel, but this suggests they are available via the portal:
  2. But your comments from a former post appear to blame me as a teacher not the institute for not giving me the correct support and guidance. Furthermore, to an earlier comment you made...of course I'm gutted for the students. And I'm completely gutted. I'm not thinking about myself at all (why should I as I've left teaching) but upset with myself that I've given them grades that like you've said, will stick with them for the rest of their life.
  3. I really hope you have never been a mentor. God help your trainees.
    "Victim Complex".... Oh dear. You should think back to when you were a young teacher. It is one of the most daunting and scariest professions you can work in. I know my subect knowledge is excellent and I'm confident I'm a good teacher despite you suggesting I may not be by your "negligent" comments from earlier. But yes, I wasn't ready for the new after three years of continuously changing different specs.
    I was the teacher in charge and I THOUGHT I was doing the correct thing and understood the spec. Clearly I didn't. Reading the Chief Examiners reports, many centres had the same issues and certain elements are being revised for next year's spec.
    But I'm sure your results this year were excellent, if not outstanding. And I congratulate you on that. I'm sure you've never done anything wrong and you've never put a foot wrong and you've taken full repsonsibility for your own development with support from colleagues and SM. Again, I congratulate you on that.

  4. Crow whatever your name is you are an idiot. You make out your primary concern is the students and yet rip apart a teacher who came on here for support and help to get better. What effect do you imagine your work will have on the teacher you are being a complete **** towards? Let me give you a clue, shattered confidence which will directly effect their teaching. If you have issues start a new thread, do not tear apart a clearly upset teacher who is looking for help.
    I hope to God you are not a teacher because you are all that is wrong with the education system. Someone who knows the specs inside out and feels superior because of it, All the kids learn from people like you is how to pass exams not how to be decent, empathetic, free thinking members of society. I need to go before I say something truly offensive.
  5. Not much help this at the moment but I notice that all the comments refer to the Edexcel GCSE. It is far more complex in its marking structure and much more difficult to predict results than the other specs and judging from the number of postings over the years, it appears to raise far more problems for teachers. My advice is to change specs next year - AQA is probably the simplest.
  7. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    Do you REALLY believe that? Daunting and scariest? There are soldiers being shot at, policemen on the front lines of a riot, fishermen braving the elements and you say teaching is daunting and scary. It is not. We are adults talking to children. Look around your comfortable classroom at the end of your 6 or 9 week PAID summer holiday. When the worst thing that happens in a day is that someone was talking when you were and the projector didn't work think of the soldiers coming home in boxes.

    Get a reality check. Life is too short.

    The young people will survive and prosper, they are 16. It's 'Drama' The personal rewards are much greater than a grade. Man Up and stop being so defensive. "It's the exam board" "It's the lack of support" "It's the students"

    It's boring. Every year.
  8. Oh put into context. How ignorant are you?! I'm not saying those professions are scary or daunting. I've never been a soldier or a policeman and never will be. I have and will always repsect those people who undertake those kind of jobs.
    But when for the first time you're put in front of a classroom of 30 sets of eyes...it IS daunting. When you're given resposnsibility it IS scary. Doing anything for the first time is going to be daunting and scary. But with everything, one must have support and guidance.
    So why don't you stop being boring with your arogant and ignorant way of thinking. This forum is to help vent frustration and to seek guidance and support. Not to hear downgrading comments like yours. If you don't like it, don't reply.

  9. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    IGNORANT? May I refer you to your original post where you refer to 'SOMETHING CALLED A "MAXIMUM UNIFORM MARK"' As if it were just invented.

    ARROGANT? You are the one who thinks they can deliver an examination subject whilst overlooking such basic necessities.

    Ever wished you had never started a thread ?
  10. Not at all. It brings out people like you who have never ever made a mistake have obviously had the best support and guidance and is Mr. or Mrs. Perefect. Well done to you, loves the praise because you're the one who gets it right everytime.
    Because people like you make me laugh.
    If I'm never told about something how am I supposed to know?
    Ignorant - Yes you are.
    Arrogant - Your posts in here clearly demonstrate this.
    Go and enjoy your day now.
  11. I had started reading this thread to share my problems with my Edexcel GCSE results. I had never posted before and I thought (a little like you I imagine) that this would be a good place to try and clarify the national situation this year and perhaps get some advice.
    I didn't realise that your rather innocent remark about UMS and raw marks would bring out the bullies this way! I'm a HOD, been teaching 18 yrs, have been an examiner, moderator and team leader and I still find it confusing! It's tragic that some people have nothing better to do than belittle other people rather than offer help and usefull information- isn't that what teaching is all about?
    Perhaps you have spent your last year engaging with students,supporting their progress in your subject and effectively managing a classroom rather than studying the intricacies of the exam process. Some people just like to feel superior to others- just imagine how they speak to their students if this is how they address a fellow professional! Dear God!
    Thanks for your original post- I think there are many teachers troubled with Edexcel this morning!
    Good luck to you.

  12. This is horrible to read and really, really sad.
    It doesn't need this level of anger towards another person.
    Things go wrong sometimes, people don't know things they should sometimes. There's nothing we can do about that but learn for next time. And ripping someone apart like this helps no one.
    If you have something constructive to say to gilks I'm sure it will be appreciated, but otherwise, please just leave it and put your energy into something nicer.

  13. Well said lacdrama and Ellie.
  14. Wow - this has been the best read ever! Certainly helping to pass a dull afternoon! Bit like a soap opera or a drama (LOL).
    Sorry - mean to say boo to the bullies and chin up to those who have had some disapppointing results? Its A-levels that really count? Who Cares about GCSE Drama anyway (joke) : 0
  15. :)
  16. Blimey - CALM DOWN EVERYONE.

    The OP had a question - he/she needed help. No need to jump down their throat...and yes, if they have been put in a position of authority/leadership with little experience and without a menotr or any help then I feel sorry for them.

    Seems to have been a stressful day for some people...have a little sympathy/empathy for those who might need it.
  17. Gilks, I feel for you. Lots of us have been there, but have got support and assistance on here. If you go back to teaching and need advice maybe PM some of the helpers on here and let the haters be.
  18. I hope you got it all sorted out Gilks and that the results were maybe not as bad as first thought??? I know that was the case with me....
    jennilou is right - ignore the ones who just throw mud and talk and ask those on here who are here to help (isn't that what this forum is for???)
    What a day is all I'll say - in more way than one - *phew*!!![​IMG]
  19. Wow Crowbob the way you speak to people is utterly disgusting! I find it really interesting that you have said on here that you don't actually use Edexcel and then feel you have the right to slate people when you clearly have no evidence of what you are talking about. If you have a look at many of the other threads on here today you will see many teachers both experienced and new to the profession who are utterly confused by the Edexcel system. Unfortunately Edexcel has a specification that can be open to interpretation - they do not make it 100% clear what they are looking for. Every single year the same thing happens on here and I have met HODs who have marked coursework in the same way year after year for their grades to suddenly be slashed. I count myself incredibly lucky that this hasn't happened to me but I have seen the effect on people that it has happened to. Due to the lack of written exam people go back to Edexcel though year after year.
    You are dealing with a young teacher who has been put in an increidbly difficult position - the smae thing happened to me in my 2nd year and this forum was a fantastic support for me and helped me during the course of the year. I don't think they are using a 'victim complex' I think they feel incredibly guilty and upset about letting students down as well as upset that they have worked all year and are gutted by the results.
    You claim to have put the links up for the person yet if you actually looked you would see you have put GCE grade boundaries up, so that is twice in a matter of weeks you have criticised people for not being able to find things and then claimed to have put them up when in fact you actually haven't.

    Seriously they are all out on the TES today!!!!
  20. Haha, this is hilarious! You've made your point (numerous times), we get it! Time for a rest now.

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