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Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by gilks1984, Aug 24, 2011.




  2. Don't worry - This happens every year with all exam classes
    We mark them out of 60 and they are then coverted into a ums mark out of 90 or 120 for unit 3- they then all add up to 300
    this download converts your mark out of 60 into a grade
    this one is the that has the conversion to ums
    Not sure if this helps, why are your results shocking? have you seen your moderators report yet?
  3. Yea, I've seen my results and reports.

    Unit 3 - students are getting A's, B's and A*'s in some circumstances! - Completely happy with that...

    However some of Unit 1 and 2's results out of 90 are shocking... 34's, and 33's....and moderator reports for Unit 2 have basically ripped me apart saying I did everything wrong.
    This year was the first time I was HoD(!), Trainee mentor and I was left to it with a new specification and teachers leaving....
    A grade students are getting C's. I'm gutted and feel sick and have been crying even...I've these students down soooo much. I don't know what to do.

    It's probably appropriate that I've actually left that school now...but a lot of students AND parents are going to be very unhappy tomorrow and very P*ss*d off (and soo they should)
  4. What do you mean you "despair"?
    Is this mocking me?
  5. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Not mocking, no.
    I despair at a system where people are allowed to teach things where they clearly do not understand the system. However, I find it almost inconceivable that somebody (a HoD no less!) should be let loose on an exam class without understanding the Raw Mark and UMS system. To me, that (coupled with a knowledge of the specification) is the absolute minimum that should be required of a teacher.
  6. It seems like you have been stuck in at the deep end
    Unit 2 was a sticking point for me too this year, if you feel the moderators report is fair then it is best to leave it and move on
    If you feel it is unfair the school may wish to appeal
    Your unit 3 results are good so it is maybe just inexperience with delivering the spec
  7. I was basically handed down by default HoD as a teacher had left half way through a year.
    I had no knowledge of the Raw Mark and UMS system....
    I feel completely let down with the school for putting so much pressure on me and I feel completely let down by myself.
  8. Looking at it.....Yea, I've messed up.
    I've taken to much responsibility on in only my 2nd "proper" teaching year after my NQT year.
    I've just completely misinterpreted the spec and though I could ask for a remarking, it's the fact that it was ME that messed up not them.
    Now A grade students are getting C's....How do I look at them in the eye?!
    I've cried all I can.
  9. Don't panic too mych gilks, quite a few of us on here have had issues with the moderation of Units one and / or two. It's a learning curve but, I honestly know how you feel. I looked at mine yesterday and have been worried about what to say to the kids etc but I've had a chat with my line manager who is good at looking at the positive side of things for me.......
    It's the new spec - that's a good line to use - as this is the same thing that happened to me when the new A level spec came out too.....don't know if that's any help to you.......
  10. I meant much, not mych!!??!!
  11. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Four Chief Examiner's Reports are now on website, but not yet for Unit 3. (Unit 1 Cousework, Unit 1 Pract; Unit 2 ditto).
    Can't see grade boundaries or overall results as yet.
    Seem to be a lot of comments about teachers misinterpreting the spec.

  12. Crowbob, I know you're entitled to your opinion and all but have some empathy for others.....it IS a new spec, it DOES take time to get your head around (well, it does for me and obviously a few others too) and fully understand where the national standards are lying.
  13. Thank you
  14. Yeah, we will have to agree to differ.....
    My students have gained, overall, the same sort of grades I would have expected...they were a weak cohort, which isn't an excuse, but it is a fact and, about three of them got slightly lower grades than I had estimated (borderline candidates, only a couple of marks off the higher grade - in one girls case - one mark off!). I don't think I've "harmed" these kids in any way and I certainly do not think I've been "negligent!" - I'm human and, unfortunately, human's make errors and misunderstand things. Having read the Cheif Moderator's reports, the penny has dropped - I misunderstood something, and wasn't the only one, but I now know where I've gone wrong and know what to do to change that.......as kids will have too.....although some of my lot will blame their Unit 3 groups for them not doing well....I do blame myself but not in the sense you are suggesting.... I worked damned hard to make sure they got a grade which matched their individual make ups and if I made an error in unit 1, me and my kids worked together to make sure it didn't effect their overall grades..
    I don't have a choice about being "head of department" - I'm actually "Lead Learnier" - there's only me in the department.....and my A Level results were absolutely stunning ...... no sign of "negligence" there .....
  15. I don't think he is talking about you, he is talking about me. And he is right. I have failed my students. I disagree, though, that I have been negligent. I think that must fall on the school for making my life hard at school by giving me HoD half way through my first full year of teaching, giving me a trainee this year as a full HoD and not sending me on any training courses for the new spec.
    I wasn't asking for sympathy or asking anyone for empathy but to ask for support and (hopefully) words of wisdom to help me. As most people have stated, I'm a one person deapartment...one HoD, one teacher, one responsibility.
    Probably to Crow's pleasure, and I can see him sitting there smilling, I have actually left teaching because of the pressure the school had put on me.
    I hope that enables you to sleep at night now as I'm sure you didn't sleep last night thinking about my negligence and probably in your opinion misconduct.....
  16. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Grade boundaries and percentage results are now on Edexcel site.
  17. How do you view this and chief examiners report?
  18. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Grade boundaries:
    National %s:

  19. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Certainly not. I don't take pleasure from other people's misfortune, whether it is brought about by themselves or others.

  20. How do you access chief examiners report?

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