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Urgent Dilemma

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Clarys, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. OK this should be in Jobseekers BUT I know that at this time of night there are likely to be people in here and not so likely over there.

    I'm a Geography specialist, but haven't taught the subject in nearly 4 years thanks to extenuating circumstances, but alongside it I have always taught English. In fact, for the past 2 years I have taught English exclusively, totally by accident, and primarily because I blagged an English Teaching job at the end of a Geography Job Interview where I was unsuccessful.

    So my dilemma is this, currently I'm on a fixed contract, which will end in July. I am applying for jobs in my area that are either Geography or English because I consider myself to be a specialist in both, and present a very strong case in my letter. Can you see where this is going? Yep! There is a school I am applying to that has vacancies in both departments, so what do I do?

    1) Apply for Geography only - and hope they see my strength and quality through my letter.
    2) Apply for English only - this is the specialism I have the most recent experience of.
    3) Apply for both. In this scenario I either look over keen to join the school, like a good, adaptable teacher or desperate. Would a HT take either of my applications seriously or would I run the risk of having both thrown out?

    So what would you do? I really need some pointers quick - I have to go to bed fairly soon so I can be up to do the school run and email the application(s) before the 9am deadline. Everything is done, letters personalised and written according to job specs, forms adapted accordingly and it's just a case of assembling the email(s).

    Or do I put both in an email with wording to the effect that I have extensive experience in both subject areas so would like to be considered for both vacancies and am prepared to work hard/offer either as a second subject where necessary?

  2. No advice, but just thought putting your paragraphs in there (are you using chrome?) may help.
    The reason being, I certainly hope it was a broswer issue, and not a case of not knowing how to use paragraphs, considering you want to teach English ;-)

  3. Thank you. Yes I am using Chrome, hence lack of paragraphs and not 100% how to put them in in here. I certainly typed the post with them in so obviously it's a compatability issue. LOL.

    As for using paragraphs in my letters, they're definitely there ;).

    (There are no smilies in my letter though, I made sure of that)
  4. baitranger

    baitranger Senior commenter

    You could apply for both posts and tell them that you would be prepared to be flexible about timetabling: if class numbers change you will happily teach some of each subject, or even both at the same time if they like.
  5. btw - always place emphasis on your specialism.
    They will see what your second experience is in your CV.
    Don't be a Jill of all trades - make yourself special with your specialism, and mention the other experience you have.
    Don't beg. Make sure you let them know that you are a Geog. specialist with extensive experience in teaching English.
    Turn the argument the other way around - you are applying for job x, but as well as fullfilling the requirments, you also bring experience in job y.

  6. Where I am it is impossible to get good English teachers. Or any. Go for the English and make it clear in interview that of course you are extremely well placed to teach Geography as well.
  7. Either way for goodness; sake take some time to read through the relevant app thoroughly. Don't make silly mistakes at this stage.
  8. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I'd say choose one to apply for but mercilessly plug your ability to teach the other. The reason is this - if they know they've got a good candidate who can teach both subjects, they might tweak their timetable and staffing requirements to let you teach both, whilst maybe upping an existing part-timer's hours, or creating a new part time post to fill in the gaps. This might save them money. In effect, they may reconsider offering the second post in its current form and not appoint for it. This means your ability to teach both subjects could give you the edge over other candidates who can only teach one. Only speculation of course, but it's important to exploit your Unique Selling Point.
  9. Sorry I'm too late I think but just in case I'd phone and ask to talk to the head, explain the situation and ask what they recomend.


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