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Urgent - but hopefully easy to answer

Discussion in 'Primary' started by annbif, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. My son has worked as a TA but left and is now applying for a job. The
    app form is asking What is your basic understanding of child
    development and learning? Anyone know what they are expecting him to
    say? He worked but did not study Piaget or any of that lot - what's the
    generic answer needed here please?

    Many many thanks
  2. In my opinion, it seems to be asking how your son thinks children learn and develop. As the question seems to be asking your son for his opinion, I would say there is no generic answer.
  3. carriecat10

    carriecat10 Established commenter Community helper

    I agree with the previous post. I think it would be useful to say what he has learnt about this and to give an example from his practice.
  4. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

    What about the 3 basic styles of learning - VAK, (visual, aural, kinesthetic - probably spelt wrong)
  5. Kathemy

    Kathemy New commenter

    Depends on the job he is applying for. If it was early years, I would suggest learn through play - if it is KS2, then as previous poster says seeing, hearing and doing - mixture depending on what child is learning. A very simple answer to what could be quite a complex question.
  6. I know this is going to sound rather unhelpful but I think he should describe his basic understanding of child development and learning. I am unable to give you any more input than this because I am not him and therefore have no awareness of his understanding of these concepts. It does ask for his understanding after all.

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