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URGENT: Bug hotel workshops for schools in north/west London

Discussion in 'Primary' started by emilylpugh, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. emilylpugh

    emilylpugh New commenter

    Hi, I'm posting on behalf of Bug Storeys (www.bugstoreys.com), who coordinate bug hotel workshops at schools.

    They are looking for two schools in Camden, Brent, Barnet, Hammersmith, Fulham, Harrow or Kensington.

    We have some money from a London charity to heavily subsidise a fantastic bug habitat build day, leaving you with a fabulous bug hotel to last for years and for the whole school to use plus KS1 and KS2 full colour teaching resources.
    The day starts when our Bug Rangers (trained ecologists) come to your school for the day and help the children build a specially designed bug hotel. There are seven storeys of the hotel, from the basement - where reception get involved in the build, through to the roof garden which year 6 help create.

    Throughout the day our Bug Rangers take each year group, help them construct a new level of the hotel, then take the children on a bug hunt in the school grounds to find the bugs to put into their new home. The bug hunt is the most exciting for the children as they find out more about habitats and the characteristics of insects they knew nothing about. Rather than feeling scared of insects, they are suddenly fascinated!

    The habitat contains drawers so that children can see what's going on in the hotel throughout the year without disturbing the 'guests' in the other parts of the habitat - we have a specially designed hibernaculum at the base, so that hedgehogs have somewhere to stay too!

    We leave you with a comprehensive teacher resources back with KS1 & KS2 materials where the national curriculum requirements are clearly listed and activities are designed around their achievement. The resources come in a durable plastic trunk and items are laminated to last longer.

    Materials cover all subjects (30 copies of everything so you are good to go) so that teachers can take the children outside more often to learn if they wish.

    Two schools can have all of this for £500 - the charity are paying the rest!
    Please contact Sandra Thompson ASAP on 07896 561001 - you can find out more about Bug Storeys at
    www.bugstoreys.com. The contribution could be paid in September if that helps.

    Here's a photo of the bug storey habitat:

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