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Urgent AQA help please!

Discussion in 'English' started by hollygolightly23, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am an NQT who will be starting to teach English in September. I'm trying to get lots of planning done, but i've met with a bit of a problem.

    My year 10 class will need to sit their Unit 3 English Language Controlled Assessment as soon as we get back. (The understanding spoken and written texts and writing creatively.) However; I do not have a log in to E-AQA (can't get into contact with anyone from my department at the minute) and as such can't see the updated task bank. I have an idea of the Spoken Language tasks; but not the other two.
    I was wondering if anyone could help me? Is there a film review? Is it still writing about annoyances?

    Thank you very much in advance!
  2. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Is this for submission in 2012 or 2013?
    These are the tasks for 2013 submission. Write them down quickly and not sure I should be copying them here:
    <table cellpadding="7" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Moving Images
    <font size="3" face="Arial,Arial">Writing based on moving images.
    <font size="3" face="Arial,Arial">Responding to a given brief
    <font size="3" face="Arial,Arial">Taking a text and turning it into another
    </td></tr><tr><td><font size="3" face="Arial,Arial">A newspaper invites young people to write articles about television programmes they either love or loathe. Write the piece you would send to the newspaper.
    </font></td><td><font size="3" face="Arial,Arial">The web host of a creative writing website approaches you to submit some writing for it. This month&rsquo;s theme is "Conflict". You have complete freedom in your choice of form, but are asked not to make what you submit longer than 1000 words.
    Write your piece for the website.
    </font></td><td><font size="3" face="Arial,Arial">Choose a poem from the AQA Anthology and use it as the basis for a piece of writing which explores similar ideas/situations to the original poem.
    </font><font size="3" face="Comic Sans MS,Comic Sans MS">c.
    </font></td></tr><tr><td><font size="3" face="Arial,Arial">Produce a piece of writing inspired by a short sequence from a film.
    </font></td><td><font size="3" face="Arial,Arial">A national project &ndash; C21st UK - wishes to collect from young people writing which reflects life in the UK in the C21st. Your writing should focus on aspects of young people&rsquo;s lives which you feel are important. You can choose the form of the writing e.g. journalism or narrative.
    </font></td><td><font size="3" face="Arial,Arial">Take the title of or a line from a Shakespeare play and use it as the title for your own piece of writing.
  3. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Formatting didn't work. I can email to you if you post an address.

  4. Thank you so much, incredibly helpful. jo2388@hotmail.com It's very much appreciated!
  5. LBeardmore

    LBeardmore New commenter

    I have put some resources up for this unit - please feel free to check out/ use adapt - hope it helps, Leanne
  6. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Have e-mailed you Holly.
  7. TESEnglish

    TESEnglish Occasional commenter

  8. There are lots of useful resources that help can help you to prepare for controlled assessment. Many are shared on here and there is also a selection in the Resource Zone on our website.
    However, if you do find that you want to talk it through with somebody then please do get in touch.
    The AQA GCSE English Team are available throughout the summer. You can reach us on 0161 953 7504 or by email at english-gcse@aqa.org.uk
  9. On behalf of NQTs everywhere, thank you!

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