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Urgent advice needed. Please help.

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by workymcworkface86, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. workymcworkface86

    workymcworkface86 New commenter

    I've been working as a teacher for several years, initially unqualified until I got my QTS two years ago. I did my NQT year last year but the headteacher, who was my mentor, made things a bit difficult. My initial observation (first term) went very well, and I was given some very sparse feedback from it.

    She then came into the second observation and stormed out after a few minutes because I wasn't using the textbooks that the school provide. I never got any written feedback, but there was no suggestion that there were any issues aside from the textbooks. I then went into the third term with no targets apart from the ones I received in November (to put children's work on the wall and keep up to date with marking).

    My third observation was from a learning walk. The school were freaking out because of the new Ofsted framework, so the head organised learning walks for all subjects. She mentioned in passing that she 'might' come in for longer than the ten minutes promised to the other teachers, then proceeded to stay for 45 minutes in my music lesson with no prior discussion. She also had a boy from Year 3 with her who had been removed from class for bad behaviour. I should say at this point that the music teacher, who had taught the class violin since September, had left a month or so beforehand. This was the third music lesson I had taught in 5 years. I didn't receive any feedback until I eventually approached the assistant head, who forced the issue. The feedback was good.

    In the last week of term, the head did a book scrutiny and wasn't happy with the volume of work in my topic and science books. This is despite the fact that i was told I could evidence work in these subjects on google classroom, which was where the bulk of the evidence was. She sat me down in my final meeting and told me she shouldn't pass me, but was going to anyway.

    However, in the last term, she was very rude and standoffish with me. She regularly undermined me in front of my class and the other staff. On more than one occasion she used the school assembly as a forum to confront me about issues she had with me. This was picked up by other staff and some children (the children in my class knew she didn't like me after she stormed out of my second observation).

    We ended up having a big argument in the final few weeks of term. I had just given my class their agreed reward as their behaviour had been excellent and their mock SATS (they were at the end of Year 5) were phenomenal. On their way back from their extra play, she stopped them in the corridor. One of the boys in my class had rolled his eyes at a member of staff, and she took this as a cue to tell them all that they were poorly behaved and not ready for Year 6. I went to speak to her to tell her that I felt this had undermined my positive messages. I was incredibly respectful to her, and told her that the reason I was speaking to her about it rather than moaning to my colleagues was because I respected her as a leader. She flew off the handle and told me I was 'out of order' (she denies this now). I was really upset, so I said that some of the things she had done had also been out of order. She raised her voice at me, calling me unprofessional.

    On the very last day of term, I received a letter from her explaining that she had changed her mind about my meeting the teaching standards relating to professionalism. She also expressed concern about the work in the children's books. However, she finished the letter asking me to send my final statement for my NQT report, suggesting she would still pass me.

    I used that opportunity to send a comprehensive self-assessment report of all of the things I had done well that year. I haven't heard anything back.

    I assumed I was all clear, but my status on the TRA page still says Induction: In Progress. I am working at the school in September, so I assume she hasn't failed me. Does anyone know how I can track the progress without contacting her? Or can you offer any insight into whether she could have possibly failed me and kept me on as a teacher next year?
  2. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    You need to contact the NQT induction people and talk to them. She isn't following correct procedure, as she's not meant to wait until the last day of term to send in the NQT report.

    If you've failed you cannot continue working there and have to leave within 14 days, unless you appeal, so again, she's not following procedure.

    Get this sorted then look elsewhere for a role.
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