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urgent advice needed-digipaks.

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by leola, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. leola

    leola New commenter

    Hi all
    about to start on making a digipak for OCR ancillary with A2 students. plan was to edit pics in photoshop then import them into Illustrator artboards, but we only have illustrator CS3 which doesn't have the artboard feature. Can anyone share their ideas for creating the digipak layout? The only idea I had was to use a digipak template, import it into photoshop and then add the digipak panels that way. it looks quite pixelated though so bit worried this will lose them marks? could anyone share how they do this/better ways of doing it at all? does photoshop have the ability to draw out sections at all that could look like digipak panels?
    new to media so picking up the basics. any advice really appreciated!!!
  2. oxy

    oxy New commenter

    We use Indesign and have a template set up within it. The students then edit their images in photoshop and import them into Indesign. I can email you the template if you want it but obviously you would need Indesign! Could you set up a template in Publisher and then still use photoshop for text / manipulation?
  3. leola

    leola New commenter

    yes please!! we have indesign and illustrator, all CS3. My initial idea was to put them into artboards but cs3 doesn't have artboards :(

    could I please request the template?
    my email is rebeccalonergan84@gmail.com.

    Would be very very grateful. realy struggling with workload at the moment :(
  4. oxy

    oxy New commenter

    Let me know if you don't get it!
  5. CandysDog

    CandysDog Established commenter

    Not much to add except for seconding using InDesign. Illustrator isn't designed for this sort of task, whereas InDesign is.

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