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Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by ScotSEN, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. ScotSEN

    ScotSEN Senior commenter


    Its not the first time I've heard the arguement for this. Personally I think its probably a good idea. What do others think?
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    As someone familiar with other school systems, particularly European ones, I've long been advocating this.

    Boys in particular seem to gain by a later start to formal education.
    ScotSEN likes this.
  3. ScotSEN

    ScotSEN Senior commenter

    I thought it was really interesting to see that a group is actually out there trying to get the idea into the mainstream. I was listening to the radio interview and its really only the countries of the old British Empire that start formal school this early.
  4. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    As long as there is support for children at both ends. I was very ready for school and would have been frustrated if I hadn't been allowed to develop reading and writing!
  5. brothermunro

    brothermunro Occasional commenter

    Definitely a good idea - though like most good ideas I'm sure our esteemed overlords will find a way of screwing it up!
  6. Alice K

    Alice K Occasional commenter

    Feel it is time we admitted that some children enter school who are not ready emotionally or socially for the formal classroom. This is often obvious with boys who are at the younger end of the intake. Some parents are aware of the benefits of deferring for a year but many are not. This dialogue should be started at the nursery stage. Some professionals are reluctant to engage with parents about this and take a 'wait and see' approach although it is obvious that the child will struggle. It is a parent's right to send them to school but they should be informed that there is another option available to them. In my experience, the child who is not ready and has that extra time in a more informal setting has a chance to mature and develop which leads to a much happier and successful start to formal schooling. I think this new campaign has to be seriously considered and debated.
  7. ScotSEN

    ScotSEN Senior commenter

    I really hope it is Alice K. Part of the problem now with defering is that LA's aren't keen to do so unless the child has a January February birthday as it means they have to provide extra nursery provision.
  8. ladywholunch

    ladywholunch New commenter

    I'm all for this - I think there was even a study done by Abertay ten years ago which the Scots Exec considered but didn't implement. Later start for boys (6 or 7) is a positive boon for those boys from less privileged catchment areas. I certainly would not want a child crossing the threshold of a primary until they have passed their fifth birthday but it is an easy and free crèche for a lot of families.
    I think that if kids enter school earlier their grounding is more in social integration before, say, the three "R"s and so school is sold to them as a social hub. Hence some boys with challenging behaviour who are very popular in their social circle and could verbally charm the birds out of the trees but who rebel at sitting at a desk with sheaves of paper and a pen (though, as a teacher,I can empathise!)

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