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UPS3 responsibilities - help!

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by karmachodron, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. karmachodron

    karmachodron New commenter

    I need some advice rather swiftly, if anyone can help, please? I've just started a new job, am UPS3 and being asked to plan all of the charity/event days (16 in total,sometimes 2 or 3 in one week/month) as part of my UPS3 prof development targets - think this used to come under the remit of the previous HOD for PSHE. This is in addition to a hefty chunk of departmental planning (writing one third of schemes of work for KS3 and providing lesson resources for all lessons on each scheme of work). My union tells me that writing SOWs are HOD responsibility. I don't mind one or the other, but feel both is onerous. What can I be realistically asked to do? I don't mind hard work...am I right to feel I'm being dumped on here?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    Welcome to the world of 'let's wear out the UPS3 teachers'.
    So many HT's forget that the Upper pay scale was designed to keep experience in the classroom.
    Good luck.
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  3. Compassman

    Compassman Star commenter

    Why pay a TLR when you can get a UPS3 teacher to do it for cheaper and if they refuse threaten them with capability. Instant compliance!!! (Some might call that bullying though)
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  4. karmachodron

    karmachodron New commenter

    (sighs)...the TLR offload is most likely. Pretty much as I thought, so thank you for confirming it for me. At least I can stand my ground with a bit more confidence now.
  5. Bajan-night

    Bajan-night Occasional commenter

    Sorry for hijacking the thread but I'm looking for the old thread (by Tafkam I think) that had the pay scales and worked out your take home pay. Does anyone know where I can find it? For some reason I can't seem to be able to start a new thread!
  6. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

  7. karmachodron

    karmachodron New commenter

    No worries, B-N. On a slightly different note, does anyone know where I can find a copy of the UPS3 teaching standards? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  8. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I'm going to star by disagreeing with your union about the responsibility for writing SoW, although if it is within someone else's (e.g. HOD) job description, then it should not be fobbed off to someone else; however, my point would be that people who run single-person depts without a TLR or title of HOD have long been required to write them and do all the other things that often fall under a HOD's job description.

    My first objection to your being given the charity events to organise is that this is unacceptable as a professional development target; such a target should be agreed with you in terms of what you perceive as your development needs, coupled with any identified from (for example) lesson observations. If you've expressed a desire to take on such responsibilities, fine (but you obviously have not!) - otherwise, your PD target should either be related to improvement of something to do with your teaching OR related to your vision for your career development. If you've expressed a desire to become a HOD (I'm thinking you haven't, but bear with), then getting you to do some writing of SoW would be a good thing for you.

    All in all, neither of these things sounds reasonable to me. I think your targets need re-negotiating and you should ask your union for support.

    PS The charity thing is outrageous! If they want such a thing doing, they should pay someone to do it or stick it on a member of SLT's job description.
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  9. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    I do wonder just how many staff are now attaining UPS3. Equally I would be interested to know if there are more UPS3 leaving/retiring than those attaining UPS3.
    I suspect that there is a larger proportion leaving/retiring, based only on anecdotal evidence from colleagues in different schools.
    Perhaps there was a briefing to all HT's on how to reduce staff budgets......
  10. Compassman

    Compassman Star commenter

    Very very few are getting to UPS3 now but lots are leaving at an alarming rate.

    I'm UPS3 and will be gone shortly probably to be replaced by someone on half my wage who's very compliant.
  11. karmachodron

    karmachodron New commenter

    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to give me such detailed advice! I see what you mean about HOD. I have been one in the past, but it's not a direction I want to take right now; equally I don't need to develop in respect of writing SoW because I've done it (t-shirt and all).

    Your point about PDP being about development is a good one, and it nails what I was trying to identify was wrong with what I was being asked to do. Sadly, though, I doubt it will be considered. I've been told that I need to demonstrate making a 'sustained and substantial contribution to the whole school' and that SoW in the sense of medium term planning is listed on the NUT website as something all teachers can be asked to do anyway. Perhaps I should clarify the charity/special days/events in case it changes your view. These, I'm told, will amount to a mix of providing posters, displays, assembly/assembly materials, etc. and exercises (e.g.1 min exercise each day for every student for a whole month). A couple are bigger events like Comic Relief non-uniform day. There are sometimes 2 a smaller events per week or month. I probably should mention that I'm in a PRU, so less workload in the way of marking, etc, which is one of the reasons I've been given in a meeting for the extra responsibility; I need to do extra to earn my money. Whilst there is clearly some truth in both these points, firstly I thought I was being paid partly for my skills and experience and, secondly, we do have other challenges to face to do our job properly in a PRU (behaviour, copious differentiation for individual needs and for GCSE sometimes teaching more than one topic, therefore, lesson at a time). As I said, I don't mind working hard and have always made significant contributions to previous departments/wider school issues; what I object to is being delegated someone else's job. Does that still look the same to you?
  12. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    No - I still think your PDP ought to be related to what you identify as being important for your professional development and not a job they want doing and "you'll do nicely, thank you"! If it were me, I'd draw up 3 PDP areas I would like to develop and get union support to go in and re-negotiate this aspect of the PM.
  13. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    For what it is worth I was UPS3 and was working at a PRU. At my 'career stage' I aimed all my PDP towards retirement and management of time as that was my aim and I made no secret of that fact. All the time my results were better than most and student achievement high I felt fairly safe...... but along comes new SLT who think they know better.....

    Now retired and enjoying every minute.
  14. karmachodron

    karmachodron New commenter

    After I read what you'd written I was thinking along these lines. I don't really want to get the union involved as I've only been here 4 weeks! However, I'm going to identify my own PDP targets and contact them for further advice. I really appreciate your time and advice - it's really kind of you to take the time out to reply and very helpful, too. You know, the sad part is, if they had a friendlier approach and I could see help was needed in the future as a department, I'd offer myself!
  15. karmachodron

    karmachodron New commenter

    Ahhh, sounds like bliss! It's sad that these stories are so common amongst older teachers when we should be making the most of their experience. Sadly, I'm only in my early 40s and retirement is not an option for a long time. Besides, I'm a good teacher with a great set of skills and knowledge from a varied experience of schools and kids. I don't see why I should! All I would like is to be approached a little more as a respected professional (the cry of teachers up and down the land...).
    mrkeys likes this.
  16. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    Respected professional.
    Those really were the days!!

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